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Success With Hyperlinking Wants To Try Weird Beers

Because who doesn't want to try a beer that tastes like bacon and maple syrup?

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Links? Links! LINKS!

Wait, no. Soundtrack. Then links.

Nowwwww, links.


The Top 15 Weirdest Beer Flavors. Share in the comments which one you think is the weirdest, or if you've had an equally weird one that didn't make this list.

Media Dizzay Links

Bill said that SOA and Amos will be getting extended looks as linebackers, which could be tons of fun, or just silly. And here's actual video of him talking, and here's what Bill had to say about the QB position. John Urschel said some words, and Malcolm Willis spoke about Jordan Lucas and Trevor Williams. And finally, here's video of Glenn Carson, talking about continuing on the Linebacker U legacy.

No More Chances for Zayd

Someone caught up with Bill, and asked him about Zayd Issah. O'Brien responded with, "Yeah, Zayd won't be at Penn State." So this closes the chapter in the story of the incredibly talented, but troubled linebacker out of Central Dauphin in PA, at least in terms of his Penn State career. ICYMI, Zayd was charged with aggravated assault while he was in State College for Arts Fest.

Links That Hit So Quick, You'll Call Them Muhammad Ali

The World Campus is going through a bit of a change...It appears the B1G is using the PSU Bowl money for charity...Medlar Field was just named the 10th best college baseball stadium in the country. 10th best in the whole damn country! Come watch baseball games with me!!!!...Zombies in Hollywood finally have an agent to use, David Hughes...Another opinion on Penn State's sanctions, a year later...John Urschel is a smart, smart dude...Penn State students are racing to get to the moon...The US Men's National Team beat Honduras thanks to this, this, and this...Finally, the Seattle Mariners 8 game winning streak finally came to an end, I know you're all heartbroken.

And that's all I got for ya today.

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