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Only Matt Suhey Until Penn State Football

32 Days!

I couldn't pick between Blair Thomas and Ki-Jana Carter, so I decided to go with a Penn State back who wasn't a bust in the NFL, who instead played an integral role on one of the great championship teams of all time. Yeah, sure, he bridged the gap in the Higgins-Suhey family dynasty that's been affiliated with Penn State since before JoePa was born. And there's the matter of him being a pretty great back in his own right--a guy who amassed over 3000 yards and nearly 30 touchdowns in his Nittany Lion career (alas, if he'd rushed for a yard--no, a foot--more, he'd go down as an all-time legend). But most of all, he rocked a totally bitchin' mustache.

Okay, Matt Suhey, this day's for you. You've earned it.