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Only Brad Bars Until Penn State Football

31 Days!


I really wanted to make this day about Poz. You have any idea how hard it is not to? Or maybe even Shane Conlan, or Andre Collins? Point is, 31 is a number with some history, and some meaning, to this Penn State program, and Brad Bars is only scratching the surface.

But then again, this isn't about celebrating the past. It's about looking to the future, and so the Nashville product Brad Bars makes more sense than anyone else, considering that he won't even be playing this year. For Brad Bars, it's more like 396 days until football, what with the ruptured Achilles tendon and all, an injury that hurts Penn State more in that the Lions lose depth than a key piece. But oh, that's selling so far short the Academic All-Big Ten student, the special teams ace (when he's not being called for flagrantly ridiculous defensive holding penalties), the guy who looked so good in the Blue-White game coming off the edge, but more importantly, the quintessential teammate and Penn Stater, and the legitimate potential defensive captain for the 2014 squad, when he'll be a fifth year senior.