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Success With Hyperlinking Is Taking the Day Off

Andy Lyons

Hope everyone had an American July 4th yesterday full of booze, barbecue, and your share of real fireworks, not those instagram kind. Here's to those of you who are fortunate enough to have the day off today to recover. I unfortunately am not so lucky. But anyway, let's get to it.

#DoWorkCael. The unquestioned #1 wrestling recruit in the country, Chance Marsteller, finally made it official andpledged to PSU yesterday. As if there was any doubt? bveo12 has the rundown of Chance's extensive credentials in the fanpost. #dynasty

July 15. Just 11 more days until Tim Frazier is fully cleared to return to the hardwood. It's been a long 8 months for sure, but Tim will soon be able to participate in summer practices and the upcoming foreign tour with no physical restrictions.

Football links. Matt McGloin's season last year continues to be a valuable recruiting tool for BOB...ESPN provided a brief rundown of PSU's non-conference opponents...Coach McWorter talks about his decision to come out of retirement and coach at PSU

WTF, Brad Stevens. I'm still somewhat shocked from the announcement of Stevens becoming the Boston Celtics next head coach. It all makes perfect sense, and I wish him nothing but success, but college basketball won't be the same without him. Sucks to be Matt Graves, who would be the Butler head coach right now if he didn't leave three months ago for the same opportunity at South Alabama.