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We Are! 2013 Is Here!

The definitive PSU football preseason emagazine has finally arrived.


It’s the month that the 2013 football season begins, and as many of you know having been so great and donating to our kickstarter, copies of the We Are! 2013 Penn State preview emagazine (edited by Mike Pettigano, MGoBlog’s Seth Fisher, Jared and myself, and featuring articles by much of this site’s great staff) have now hit. If you were one of our backers, you should have received your link to download your copy already; last night, there were some bugs in downloading to mobile devices or tablets, but those should be fixed.

If you didn’t donate to the kickstarter and still want to purchase a copy (or want to purchase additional copies, or just help us get the word out), you can do so here (and you can order a print copy!). Please keep in mind that this, even though it’s online, isn’t really a free product, so please encourage anyone interested in the copies you’ve already graciously purchased to buy one themselves.

The feedback we’ve been getting so far has been really positive. I, for one, am very excited with how the finished product turned out (aside from it being only digital). The editorial staff has worked incredibly hard in getting out the best and best-looking product on the market, and the articles are informative, top notch, and mostly written from the PSU fan perspective, which makes this project pretty unique.

If you have any questions or feedback, hit Jared and I up in the comments or via email (our emails are in our profiles). Keep in mind that our ultimate goal will be to get everyone a print version in future issues of this magazine, and the best thing to help us do that for 2014 is word of mouth and your help.

Thanks again to all the writers and fellow editors in helping us get this great product out to you all, and a special thanks to all the backers in our kickstarter project. The t-shirts and hoodies should be shipping, like, now, and we’ll have an official thank you post naming everyone who donated at the applicable level up soon.

Once again, the link to order your copy of We Are! 2013:


Only 30 days til New Meadowlands…hope to see you all there!

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