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Football Scholarship Matrix

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I finally, somewhat understand HTML code after all of this.

Patrick Smith

I finally completed a scholarship matrix for the football team. I tried to make it more viewer-friendly than others I've seen, but if you don't think I accomplished that, please feel free to tell me so in a hurtful fashion in the comments.

Totals 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
QB 2(1) Tyler Ferguson 2* Christian Hackenberg 5* Michael O’Connor 4*
RB 3(2) Bill Belton 4* Akeel Lynch 3* Mark Allen 3*
Zach Zwinak 4* Nick Scott 3*
TE 5 Matt Lehman Kyle Carter 2* Adam Breneman 4*
Jesse James 3* Brent Wilkerson 3*
WR 8(3) Brandon Moseby-Felder 3* Alex Kenney 4* Matt Zanelatto 2* Richy Anderson 3* Troy Apke 3*
Allen Robinson 3* DaeSean Hamilton 3* Chris Godwin 4*
Eugene Lewis 4* De’Andre Thompkins 4*
Jonathan Warner 2*
OL 13(1) Adam Gress 3* Miles Dieffenbach 4* Anthony Alosi 3* Tanner Hartman 2* Noah Beh 3*
Ty Howle 3* Garry Gilliam 2* Angelo Mangiro 3* Wendy Laurent 2*
Eric Shrive 4* Donovan Smith 4* Brendon Mahon 4*
John Urschel 2* Andrew Nelson 3*
DT 6(1) DaQuan Jones 3* Kyle Baublitz 4* Parker Cothren 3* Antoine White 3*
Derek Dowrey 2*
Brian Gaia 3*
Austin Johnson 3*
DE 7 Brad Bars 2* Deion Barnes 4* Curtis Cothran 3*
CJ Olaniyan 4* Anthony Zettel 4* Evan Schwan 2*
Garrett Sickels 4*
LB 6(1) Glenn Carson 4* Mike Hull 4* Ben Kline 3* Brandon Bell 3* Troy Reeder 3*
Nyeem Wartman 3*
Gary Wooten
CB 5(2)
Da'Quan Davis 2* Anthony Smith 2* Troy Vincent 4*
Jordan Lucas 3* Jordan Smith 2* Daquan Worley 3*
Trevor Williams 3*
S 9(1) Stephen Obeng-Agyapong 3* Adrian Amos 3*
Kasey Gaines 2* Marcus Allen 3*
Malcolm Willis 3* Jesse Della Valle
Malik Golden 3*
Ryan Keiser Jake Kiley 2*
Neiko Robinson 3*
K/P 2 Alex Butterworth Sam Ficken 2*
Totals 66(12) 11 14 13 28 12

Woo! Alright. If the chart confuses you, I shall breaketh it down now, ya'll.

Bold Font: Players currently listed as starters on the depth chart

Red Font: Players who redshirted somewhere along the line

Italic Font: Freshmen enrolling this year

Grey Font: Unsigned Commits

The numbers on the left side for each position indicate the total number of scholarship players at each position, with the number of future commits in parentheses.

Finally, the star numbers next to each player are their recruiting ratings according to Rivals.

Now, this list does NOT include any players who are using scholarships right now, and not playing. Those players (to my knowledge) are Nate Cadogan, Anthony Stanko, and Luke Graham. I have been trying to find an exact number for about 3 weeks now, and have not been able to. So if anyone can add some knowledge to that topic, feel free.*

As I'm sure you noticed, it would seem that we will have too many players to satisfy the NCAA scholarship restrictions of 65 per year this year. What this most likely means, is that we need to get ready to lose some guys before graduation. We can use the comments to speculate on who is going to leave early (For example, A-Rob is gone).

Anyways. I'll continually post this as a FanShot when anything changes. Stay classy.

*Ed note: Per Matt Hayes' excellent article on Sporting News, Penn State is under the 65 scholarship limit this year. If anyone has suggestions on how this may be calculated (since it's different than Chris Nick's calculation), let us know in the comments. Thanks! --CG

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