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MMQB: Which Player Do You See Filling In And Shining In 2013?

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Pre-season injuries give a chance for some low-profile guys to make an impact this year.

Mike Pettigano

This is where the sanctions hurt.

When the injury bug descends on Happy Valley, Mark Emmert and the NCAA does the crippling they set out to do over a year ago now as scholarships have been slashed and burned from the Penn State inventory, especially when it is top-line guys or the experienced backups going down. So far this spring and summer, not all the luck has been with the Nittany Lions as potential starter at linebacker Ben Kline is still dealing with a shoulder injury, top backup defensive end/linebacker Brad Bars will sit on the sidelines all year with a ruptured Achilles, freshman wideout DaeSean Hamilton will be beside him with a wrist injury and tight end Brent Wilkerson will also be out for an extended period of time.

As much as we hate the saying around here, someone indeed has to step up in order for this team to survive and succeed. Holes must be filled (TWSS) and guy who have been off the radar will have to become at least blips on it in order for this team to not fall apart. The injuries to Hamilton and Wilkerson are bearable, but with limited depth along the front seven on the defensive side of the ball, any absence of Kline and Bars will undoubtedly have a big impact on this team.

So, for this week's question:

Which low-profile player as of now will make an impact in 2013 by filling in for the Nittany Lion wounded and maybe even put himself on the map for 2014 or beyond?

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