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Black Shoe Podcast - Episode 1.1 - The Preseason

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Crack open a drink, fire up the grill, and enjoy the show!

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You asked for it. You wanted it. Skarocksoi demanded it. It's the first episode of the 2013 season for the Black Shoe Podcast!

On our first podcast hosted by Blog Talk Radio, Cari Greene and Dan Vecellio join me to discuss the start of August camp, what to look forward to during the next few weeks, the Great Quarterback Debate of 2013, injuries and their effect on depth, and recruiting in the wake of the departure of LB prospect Jared Wangler.

Some fun things to take note of:

  • Me forcing Dan to wake up at 10:00 AM central time on a Sunday morning to talk about Penn State football
  • Cari getting excited for punting . . . again
  • Is Tyler Ferguson being overlooked by the Christian Hackenberg hype?
  • How 'bout that Matt McGloin? He even gets the cover photo on Silver and Black Pride, SBNation's Oakland Raider site.
  • What the heck has been going on with linebacker recruiting, and how versatile do our safeties have to be?
  • Cari, Dan and I weigh in on the "high character" recruiting roundtable published by our friends at Corn Nation, the SBNation site for the Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • Dan accidentally places a hex on the entire 2013 season with two magic words at the end of the podcast.
  • Buy WE ARE! 2013 for impressive content from all three of us, plus a host of exceptional writers!
  • Thoughts on the theme music? Anyone want to try their hand at helping us out with an original theme?

Thanks to for providing the introductory music for the show.

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