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Success with Hyperlinking is Barely Sustaining Itself

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Imitation football stinks but it's football, I guess. To the links!

Patrick Smith

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Injuries suck: Michael Zordich suffered a torn ACL in the Panthers' preseason opener against the Bears on Saturday. It's an unfortunate blow to one of the great leaders in Penn State football history, and hopefully this won't jeopardize his entire football career. Godspeed, Michael.

HRRRHHGGG HNNN: hrrrrrrnnnnhhgggrrrhgggrh hhhhhrgggghg HGGGGRNNNHHHHH (warning: autoplay enabled)

Elsewhere in the NFL: Penn State has three more rookies competing for roster spots around the league. PSU in the NFL has a fairly crappy yet familiar look back at week one of the preseason. VBR has a much better recap.

New coaches on new coaches: Penn State has hired Harvard men's swimming and diving coach Tim Murphy to head up both men's and women's aquatic sports. Murphy coached the United States' open water team in the 2012 Olympics and has sent   From the press release:

"Tim brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and success to Penn State and we are thrilled to have him join our team of outstanding coaches," Joyner commented. "Tim has coached a multitude of conference champions, All-Americans and Olympians and we expect that he will continue to have similar successes at Penn State. He is committed to his student-athletes having an outstanding experience both in the pool and in the classroom, attributes we take great pride in at Penn State."

Fencing U: PA native and Penn State alum Miles Chamley-Watson became the first American to win an individual Senior World Fencing Championship, uh, championship. He came from behind three times in the tournament and won each by a score of 15-14 on his way to the title.

D'aww, lookit the puppy: The Nittany Lion is cute and all, don't get me wrong, but as of this week we have nothing on Tulsa and their new "ambassador," Goldie. Look at that dog. That's a great dog. All mascots should be dogs. C'mon Joyner. Make it happen.

Lightning round: Chris Brown of Smart Football takes a fantastic in-depth look at Chip Kelly's Iggles debut over at Grantland.....SBN's B1G basketball site, BT Powerhouse, is rebooting in a big way for the upcoming season (featuring yours truly). Kevin Dlugos has an interesting take on what Minnesota will look like under new boss Richard Pitino.....Hustle Belt is counting down the top players in the MAC for 2013, and Penn Staters should be familiar with their number two guy by now.....Former Nittany Lion and Morse basketball class MVP Shawn Oakman could have a breakout year at Baylor, according to ESPN via Our Daily basketball is but a few months away. ESPN has released its Tip-Off marathon schedule, and there are some real doozies in there.....Don't fret, it's just water. I googled it.

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