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Only Mystery McNeil Until Penn State Football

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Only 17 Days Until Penn State Football

Jared Slanina

So, funny story: The photo you see was taken at the Blue White Game. When I scrolled through the photos after the game, I made a mental note that the photo would be great for this series since the number 17 is so clear, and we could give some love to a relatively unknown player. It turns out the number 17 from this photo is more unknown than anticipated. There are two number 17s listed on the roster, but neither is named McNeil. Furthermore, no one seems to remember this player being a member of the team. Before you let this get you into a full-on existential crisis, please remember- Penn State faces off against Syracuse in just 17 days.


UPDATE: Thanks to some excellent detective work by Tim Tolley and Patrick James, it appears the player pictured above is Kyle McNeil. McNeil is an Elizabeth, PA native who transferred from Robert Morris and was a run-on linebacker. It appears that McNeil is no longer with the team.

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