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Bill O'Brien Teleconference Notes (8.15.13)

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Coach talked with the media for 18 minutes today. This is what he had to say.

  • The race between quarterbacks Tyler Ferguson and Christian Hackenberg is "very even" at this point. He called both signal-callers into his office this morning to congratulate them on all the progress they have made during the summer. It should be noted that O'Brien said that Fergie was ahead last week just because he had been there longer so it appears Hack has closed the gap with his performances in practice.
  • With that being said, O'Brien also added that he is very close on making a decision on who will start the season opener against Syracuse. No matter who he picks, though, the other will have to be ready just like any other backup he's ever worked with.
  • The injury situation is just about the same as last week, it seems. Tackle Adam Gress is a bit banged up, but it's nothing serious.
  • The tight ends have impressed throughout camp according to O'Brien. And he removed all doubt by saying that Adam Breneman would not be redshirted this year.
  • Bill Belton, who had some academic problems early in the summer, is eligible and having a great camp both running and catching the ball. Hopefully we see him in some of the all-purpose situations Danny Woodhead was used in with the offense this year.
  • Mike Hull is "one of the best football players on this team," said O'Brien. The only reason he didn't see the field more last year was because of the guys he was backing up (i.e. current Minnesota Vikings players Michael Mauti and Gerald Hodges).
  • The team has had a few scrimmages in Beaver Stadium with officials and coaches in the box and all the other bells and whistles. BOB described Beaver Stadium as a "cathedral".
  • Brandon Felder (formerly Brandon Mosbey-Felder or BMF) and Matt Lehman both graduated this weekend during summer ceremonies. Congratulations, guys!

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