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BSD Mailbag 8.16.13

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Very little sports this week...but sometimes, that's how we gotta roll.

You won't be on the sidelines much this year, BMF.
You won't be on the sidelines much this year, BMF.
Patrick Smith

Who makes it to an NCAA tournament first? Men’s hockey or baseball? Women’s hockey or softball?—psfann

Hockey, for both—and I don’t even think it will be close. The foundation is there for sustained success, and Pennsylvania is solid recruiting ground—and you can play hockey (indoors, at least) in State College year-round.

What makes Bill O’Brien so awesome?—Mark A R via facebook

Clearly, it’s all in the chin. With great chin comes great responsibility.

And, apparently, extra water.

If you had to put money on it, who will be Penn State's second-leading receiver (WR only)? –Jared

Are you ready for my most controversial answer ever in the history of BSD mailbags?

Allen Robinson.

Why I don’t think ARob will be our #1 receiver is twofold: I really, truly believe that Brandon Felder (formerly BMF) will have a breakout year this year, and I really, truly believe that most teams will make Robinson the focus of their secondary gameplan. He’s amazing and dynamic, as we all know—and all the opposing coaches know it now too. Last year, he was under the radar. In 2013? Not so much.

Do you think Jared's assessment that Bill would win in a fight between him, Chad, and myself is correct? Or do you think he was just saying that to make Bill feel better?—Nick

I think Jared truly believes that’s the answer…but my money’s on Chad. Sorry, Chris.

Which PSU player would you most like to see rock an IDGAF beard, Jayson Werth-style?—Tim A via facebook

You didn’t specify current or former, so I’ll tackle both.

Current would have to be Ty Howle. I mean, did you see this? He’s clearly got the attitude, and he’s on his way in the facial hair department. Reportedly he’s also the funniest guy on the team (side note, the interactions between all the guys on the O-line on twitter are awesome. Definitely worth a follow).

Former should be no surprise…Gotta be Josh Hull. Anybody who can rock a ridic porn stache with that much style has got my vote.

FMK: John Matrix, John McClane, John Rambo?—WBF

The most obvious one to marry, because he’s the most real of all of these characters, would be John McClane—but that’s what makes him the worst to marry. I mean, he and Holly, despite him storming both an office building and an international airport for her, didn’t even make it through half of the series before the divorce. Commitment issues, much? Thus, he moves distinctly into the "F" category. Because Bruce Willis is hot, yo.

You know who’s not hot? Sylvester Stallone. Like, at all—especially in Rambo. So I’d say I’d kill him, because in this fictional scenario that wouldn’t be a problem, right? In reality I wouldn’t last a second, but this is my response, dammit.

…Which leaves us with John Matrix. Sigh. I guess I’d marry him, despite the fact that hearing curse words come out of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mouth still makes me equal parts cringe and giggle. Oh well, them’s the breaks. That’s why God made earplugs.

If I had no place to fall, could I count on you to lay me down?—Rambler

Maybe…because I’d never tell you no lies, I don’t believe it’s wise.

Are any of those teen girl beers (e.g., hard lemonades, strawBEERitas, Zimas, etc.) palatable? I am trying to meet someone in the middle here, with regular beer on the other end of the spectrum. The middle is cider, isn’t it?—WBF

First off, the middle is most definitely cider. Mostly because cider can be refreshing and sweet when you want something (I especially like the Woodchuck Winter Cider)—and most of the other stuff you listed (especially the strawberitas) are absolutely gross—seriously, my sister brought home a twelve pack of the stuff and said, hey, you can have some! And I though, sweet, free alcohol. I had two sips and wanted to puke. I THREW AWAY FREE ALCOHOL. That means you know it’s bad.

For the hard lemonades, they’re okay. Sometimes still too sweet. Mike’s Hard Limeade isn’t too awful, though.

Who will take the place of Mauti as far as leadership this year and also who on the current roster will replace him as your new heart throb/crush?—Spencer M via facebook

Mike Mauti (yes, I can call him Mike) will not be easily replaced on the team or in my heart.

On field, on defense, I look for Malcolm Willis to take a big leadership role, along with Mike Hull. Glenn Carson will likely be a "lead-by-example" player, but doesn’t have that fiery personality that inspired all of us when it came to Mauti and his brother-in-arms, Michael Zordich.

As for me? Time will tell. Crushes like that are once in every four or five years opportunities (Poz, anyone?) so jury’s still out.

And by that I mean Christian Hackenberg.

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