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Only Christian Hackenberg Until Penn State Football

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Just two weeks until Penn State kicks off the 2013 season

Bud Elliot - SB Nation

Only two weeks remaining until the first game of the 2013 Penn State football season. Two weeks, folks.

Here's my advice- spend today, and any free time during the week, wrapping up any ongoing home projects. DO NOT START ANY NEW ONES. Next Saturday you will want to spend a minimum of eight hours in front of the TV in preparation for football season. You will want to be certain that your body can handle being idle for long stretches of time as football season approaches. Spend the day watching old Penn State games, clearing off your DVR or watching movies that you won't have time for starting August 31. Be prepared to eat, too- you will want to be sure to clear out the fridge so you can stock up on enough red meat and beer to get your through, at the very least, the non-conference schedule.

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