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Welcome Back, Casual Penn State Fan!

It's been a long time. Shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to.

Hey, there, casual fan. It's been quite some time since we last chatted, and much has changed, both in the Penn State program and on BSD since we last were in touch.

On the BSD front, we've got a new crew full of crazy Nit-lovers, and those guys who joined together to form BSD megatron before the chaos that was November 2011 have all since abandoned us moved on to greater pastures. In their wake, you have Jared and I, new belevolent overlords who promise to be the ones you lovehate all throughout the season. AND ONE OF US IS A GIRL #cuemisogynisticofflinerantsnow. And by girl, of course, I mean BSDiva.

On the football front, well...we're better off today than we were a year ago, and that's something, I guess. You may or may not have joined us here last season, on BSD, for BOB's first remarkable season. if you're really a truly casual penn State fan, you might have neglected to watch a single down let alone an entire game last year in protest of CULTURE/embarrassment/inability to get past others' perceptions that we foster a cult of football that saw children as its victims. Well, we're still here, chugging along (and chugging wine), celebrating our football team and basking in the glory that was the 2012 senior class.

I'm going to assume you were tangentially interested in Penn State football last season, because you were scdared or embarrassed to admit you still loved PSU and PSU football. While some might find that patently unacceptable, I'm not one of them. I'm going to welcome you back with open arms (while making fun of you behind your back) and give you a little bit of a primer on what's happened since you left:

Awsomeness. That's what you missed out on. The empitome of teamwrok, love for a university and each other and its fans, and a commitment to finish what you started. Depending on your interest in football last season, that last item may or may not be something you're familiar with.

Headed into this year, we've got a lot to figure out on the field. If you haven't already, the best tool we've put out laying that out is the emagazine much of the staff pulled together. The biggest changes includue our new D-coordinator (bye, bye, Spanier Ted Roof!) and a ton of secondary depth with little linebacker depth. Our offense will be kickass, with most positions stocked with talent and deep to boot. The ibggest question mark, though, if you haven't heard--is quarterback.

Hackenberg. Ferguson. Which team you on? I'm on team get us the most wins now. Which means we'll wait and see who emerges as the best option and then call for his backup all season. Because we're Penn State fans and that's how we roll, forever persecuted and hated (when we're not loved) and expecting the greatest because that's what we are.

We've got BOB for at least another year too, and that can't be understated--some were predicting he'd be out for the pros right away, while others (too wishfully IMO) think he'll be here for the long haul. He's here for 2013, and right now that's all we need--someone to guide this ship throught he UNPRECEDENTED sanctions that we're still facing, and hopefully have us back on our feet on the other side.

Because above all else, casual fan, whether you abandoned us last year or have been lurking without participating over the past twelve months, what WE ARE are a bunch of fighters. We'll fight through whatever adversity (no matter how diminished in the past year) and come out better on the other end. We are and always will be Penn State, no matter what SI or ESPN or Emmert or whoever want or hope or wish us to be. We aren't SMU. We won't go quietly into that good night.

We're here, we're proud, and We Are Penn State. And there's nothing casual about that.

--PS...Cari had copious amounts of wine before writing this. She purposefully left the typos in because of the thrashing her last error-proof drunk post took, but she acknowledges that she's still rather coherent and uses amazing SAT words anyway. You're welcome.

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