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MMQB: All Of The Pass-Catchers

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Has a receiving unit ever been this stacked in Penn State history?


What a difference a year makes.

In 2012, we had no clue what the passing game would be like. We hoped it would be better under the tutelage of Bill O'Brien, but we didn't know. And even if he could do wonders with Matt McGloin, who was Moxie going to throw to? Justin Brown left and from there, the cupboard was dry as Shawney Kersey and his five catches from the previous year led the Nittany Lions.

This year, Penn State will line up the reigning Big Ten Receiver of the Year Allen Robinson across from Brandon Felder who became a legitimate #2 threat as the season wore on last year. Add in Matt Zanellato, Geno Lewis, Alex Kenney and a possible slot option in Bill Belton to the mix and the wideouts are one of the biggest strengths on this year's team.

But wait, this is a Bill O'Brien offense which means that the tight ends are going to be involved and heavily at that. Kyle Carter, Jesse James and Matt Lehman all made big impacts in the passing game last year and Adam Breneman will be expected to do the same in his first year on campus.

There will be at least four proven pass-catching options out on the field at anytime this year to help out whichever first-year starter BOB decides to put behind center. That experience can only be good for a true freshman or JUCO transfer to settle into their role as a Division 1 signal-caller.

This week's question:

In terms of receptions or yards (your choice), list in order the top five wide receivers/tight ends/running backs at the end of the 2013 season.

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