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Penn State Recruiting Notes: The Quick Version

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Ranking Updates, Neat Articles, and More!

Wait a minute, I thought you said you were done with Recruiting notes for a while!
Wait a minute, I thought you said you were done with Recruiting notes for a while!

Like I said in my last post, I won't have another Recruiting Roundup for a while now.  But I found some other links and have some updates for you, so I decided to write another post anyway!  Thank me later.

Updated Recruiting Website Big Boards

There have been changes made to the Rivals 250 and the Scout 300 recently, so I compiled the list of all those in these new rankings of interest to us Penn Staters.  I also decided to include ESPN's rankings because I feel like I haven't mentioned them in a while.


#41 Derrick Nnadi

#67 Thomas Holley

#126 Montae Nicholson

#150 Chris Godwin

#166 Dravon Henry

#183 Michael O'Connor

#216 Ricky Walker

#234 De'Andre Thompkins


#94 Derrick Nnadi

#102 Dravon Henry

#126 Alex Bookser

#136 Thomas Holley

#168 Montae Nicholson

#252 Marcus Allen

#285 Chris Godwin

#300 Troy Apke


#55 De'Andre Thompkins

#86 Thomas Holley

#126 Michael O'Connor

#131 Dravon Henry

#142 Alex Bookser

#152 Chris Godwin

#252 Montae Nicholson

It's nice to see the recruiting sites finally picking up the rankings on Thompkins and O'Connor, and it's great to see lots of Penn State commits on the lists in general.  We all know that STARZ can often end up being meaningless, but it's still cool to see, regardless.


The unfortunate thing about recruiting articles (other than my own), is that they require subscriptions to read, about 99% of the time.  So chances are, these links about to fire off will be either be useless to you, or already read by you.  However, on the off-chance you have subscriptions, and just haven't noticed these articles yet, you're in for a real treat!

*When I say OFF, I mean 165 yards and 2 touchdowns on ONLY 4 TOUCHES.

Rickey DeBerry, LB (#10), Tristen Hoge, OL (#26), Christian Wilkins, DT (#45), Sterling Jenkins, OT (#62), Matthew Burrell, OT (#70), Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB (#76), Jerome Baker, OLB (#87), Andre Robinson, HB (#93)

Also, if you're curious to see how Urban recruits his team, here's a sneak peak courtesy of Mike Gesicki's twitter account..

That's all for now.  If you're a Penn State student getting ready to join myself and Bill back on campus this week, then hooray!  And if you're no longer in college, well...that sucks.

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