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Success With Hyperlinking Is Committed To Three More Years

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Another edition of Penn State links and miscellany.


Entering their 14th year together as a broadcast team Steve Jones and Jack Ham show no signs of stopping anytime soon as they have inked a three-year extension with the Penn State Sports Network. I appreciate long-term duos like this, they serve as the sound of Penn State football to many people, just as Jones and George Paterno was the soundtrack to many Penn State games when I was growing up.

In other broadcast news, here is your reminder the ESPN All Access: Penn State Training Days airs this evening at 10 p.m. on ESPNU. Coach O'Brien makes mention of it in that clip, but just to quantify exactly what the scholarship reductions mean Mike Poorman expounds on the issue. Key quote:

In many ways, Penn State is now entering a twilight zone that is as much FSC (the old Division I-AA) as FBS (the level of major college teams competing in the Football Bowl Subdivision). Put another way, Penn State can now basically give the same number of scholarships as Alabama State (63) but not Alabama (85). Alabama State may have it better; scholarships at FCS schools can be full or partial rides. Those 63 FSC grants can be divided up in any way, but no more than 85 players can be put on scholarship. (Penn State, like Alabama, cannot split its scholarships into pieces.)

He's kind of a big deal - Penn State Olympian Miles Chamley-Watson won an individual fencing title at the 2013 Senior World Fencing Championship. The achievement marks a first for an American male in the competition.

Crazy Eddie waiting on line one - Penn State has opened up three more ticket options in an effort to completely fill Beaver Stadium this fall.

Are you ready for some futbol? Penn State will meet men's soccer powerhouse #2 Maryland in an exhibition match tonight at Jeffrey Field. Maryland's addition to the B1G raises the profile of the conference's soccer competition. On Wednesday, I recommend taking the opportunity to meet-and-greet both Penn State's men's and women's soccer teams before their respective seasons. Expectations are especially high for the women's team that fell just short in the National Title game last year.

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