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BSD Mailbag 8.23.13

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You've got questions, BSD has answers.

Eric Francis

Zack Zwinack was an unheralded fullback with a total of six yards in his first two years before he broke out for 1,000 yards last season. He got hurt in the Blue/White Game. How is he now? Will he be the starter at Syracuse? 877Townie

Zwinak is one of the most intriguing players coming into the season, and could really benefit by having others in the backfield help take the pressure off of him. He is now full-go in practice, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, will be starting against Syracuse a week from tomorrow.

Names or no names? Smee

Like most Penn State fans, I prefer no names on the back of the jerseys. However, I'm completely fine with the names being displayed....for now. Considering what the team has gone through the last couple years, I respect their decision to want to have their names on their jerseys. It's a nice tribute for the guys that decided to stick with Penn State and try to lift up the program in a new era. Once the sanctions are over, I hope the jerseys go back to normal.

How many more years until we can have the JoePa statue back? erieisforlovers

Check back after the Shultz/Curley/Spanier trials to see what we learn. I think it will eventually be placed in the All-Sports Museum, but that will take some time. The university clearly isn't ready to take any type of stance toward Paterno for the time being.

Does a woman become less attractive the instant she departs from a Spot-a-Pot? PSUbaltimore

Without a doubt, yes. There's nothing attractive about being in a small enclosed space that contains a giant pile of human waste. There's just nothing good that comes from that situation. Even Olivia Munn would drop from a perfect 10 to at least a 9.5.

By the way, us Ohioans refer to them as Port-a-Pottys. Is Spot-a-Pot the vernacular in Pennsylvania?

Why is it that now that I'm a home-owner, trips to Home Depot are so exciting? skaroski

Isn't that the truth? My wife and I bought our first home a little less than two years ago, and home improvement stores suddenly became a land of wonders for us. Last fall we spent more than three hours in a single trip to Lowe's without even realizing it. Plus, every time I go in for something simple, I walk out with an extra few unplanned items and about 20 more things I want to buy that I never even previously considered.

On the flip side, you can kiss a lot of your free time goodbye. There have been many times when I've thought that I would be drinking a beer and watching basketball instead of spending the day painting the kitchen. Oh well...

Why don't the historical re-enactors just take off and leave? WorldBFat

I consider myself an open-minded person with great respect for people's varying interests and lifestyles. If you enjoy something and it's not hurting anyone, what the hell is it to me how people choose to spend their free time? But try as I may, historical re-enactments make no sense to me. You would think visiting a museum or watching a documentary on that topic would be far more enjoyable aqnd rewarding, but I guess not.

Also, how awful would it be to be one of the people who get killed in the begining of a re-eneactment? You would spend an entire weekend laying on the ground pretending to be a corpse. I mean seriously, who would enjoy this??

What is the best N64 game of all-time? Jersey Nick, aka "Chris"

I lost interest in video games at a young age, so my N64 experience is confined to playing a few games I don't remember at friends' houses as a kid. Did they make an N64 version of Tecmo Bowl? If so, that has to be the frontrunner.

Deion Barnes was the Big Ten Freshman of the Year in 2012. How does he rank against other standout defensive ends in the NCAA this year? Compared to say, South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney, who recorded 13.5 sacks and 23.5 tackles for loss in his sophomore season. Is Barnes that good? 877Townie

Barnes is a huge talent with a very bright future, but he has a long ways to go before he can be compared to Clowney. The South Carolina standout produced the gaudy numbers you mention even though offenses were throwing everything they could at him in an attempt to slow him down. He belongs in a class with Julius Peppers, Courtney Brown and not really any other defensive ends who I've been able to watch in my lifetime.

I will say this- Barnes reminded me A LOT of Courtney Brown's sophomore season (fun fact- how many of you knew Brown started at right tackle during his true freshman season?) last year, so he certainly has the potential to be a Bednarik Award candidate and top ten NFL draft pick. The sky is the limit, but it's just too early to start comparing him to Clowney until we see how he improves this season.

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