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Only Malik Golden Until Penn State Football

Only six days away, you guys


There's not really much I can say about Malik Golden, mostly because we've never seen him play defensive back.

In 2012, Golden joined the Nittany Lions as a wide receiver. The Connecticut native was the 2nd ranked player in his homestate, and he had over 1,400 all purpose yards and seven interceptions as a senior. He may have only had three stars, but as Bill O'Brien likes to say, stars don't matter. The dude is talented.

Of course, he redshirted, and we never saw him take the field. Meh.

Fans expected him to suit up as a wide receiver in 2013 because, well, nobody expects position changes.

However, Bill O'Brien being the evil genius overlord wizard he is decided that he would move Golden and fellow WR Trevor Williams into the secondary. In our one glimpse of Golden, he had four tackles in the Blue-White game, the most among all members of the Nittany Lion secondary.

Guys. This is our last Sunday off until college football season. For the next few weeks, Sunday is recovery day. GO CRAZY.

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