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BSD And Penn State Football: How To Make The Most Out Of The Season

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A guide to help you have the most-informed Penn State football season yet.

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It's game week. You know how long we've been waiting to say that? Since Sam Ficken went from goat to great, Bill O'Brien called us a bunch of fuckers and the 2012 senior class finished their Penn State careers in what seemed like a storybook ending.

But now, a new crop of players look to carry on the legacy in this new age of Penn State football that we are living in and we here at Black Shoe Diaries want to make sure that you enjoy these next three months as immensely as possible. Hence, we've come up with this little guide to help. Follow along, won't you?

ONE: If you're reading this post, it's obvious that you have come to Black Shoe Diaries for some sort of informational purpose. Well, why don't you join the conversation? Your thoughts on Penn State football only help to foster the community that we have here. Go down to the bottom of this post, check the box saying that you want to be a part of BSD and talk to us this season!

TWO: As you see in our shirt tail at the end of every post, BSD is active all over the Interwebs and with the season starting, we're only bound to share more interesting things with you. So, as always, make sure to go like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter account @BSDtweet.

THREE: All of our writers are ALSO very active on the Tweeters and you like them as well (OK, you like most of them as well). But, all of them also share a wealth of Penn State and opponent information throughout the season as well as making for entertaining follows on Saturdays throughout the season. Here is a table of writers and their respective Twitter accounts:

Managing Editor: Jared Slanina Follow: @Jared_BSD
Managing Editor: Cari Greene Follow: @NotCarlotta
Asst. Editor: Dan Vecellio Follow: @djvecellio
Asst. Editor: Devon Edwards Follow: @Devon2012
Asst. Editor: Eric Gibson Follow: @BSD_Eric
Writer: Nikki Bowser Follow: @nikkimb_
Writer: Bill DiFlippo Follow: @bflip33
Writer: Chad Markulics Follow: @Chad_BSD
Writer: Adam Collyer Follow: @AdamCollyer
Writer: Tim Hyland Follow: @IntelligentCFB
Writer: Nick Blonde Follow: @1600doctorb
Writer: Nick Polak Follow: @theREALNPolak
BSD Twitter Follow: @BSDtweet

FOUR: Follow the SB Nation accounts of those teams that Penn State will be playing this year:

Syracuse @NunesMagician
EMU/Kent State @HustleBelt
Indiana @crimsonquarry
Michigan @MaizeNBrew
Ohio State @Landgrant33
Illinois @Champaign_Room
Minnesota @TheDailyGopher
Purdue @HammerAndRails
Nebraska @CornNation
Wisconsin @B5Q

FIVE: For this first week, make sure you are reading stories over at Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and to brush up on what the Orange might throw at us and if they're ever going to name a quarterback. Sounds familiar, right? We'll try to come up with a list of sites to follow for news at the start of every game week.

SIX: Keep reading us! Comment on our articles, listen to our weekly podcast, ask questions for our mailbag, etc. Do it all.

That's all that can be thought of now. If you need any other information, leave it in the comments and we'll attempt to pass along whatever we can to you.

It's football season, y'all.

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