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Syracuse Depth Chart: Drew Allen "OR" Terrel Hunt To Start Against Penn State

Fans of both teams are gearing up for a surprise Saturday afternoon.


In what may be a game of "Who Blinks First?", Syracuse coach Scott Shafer released his pre-Penn State depth chartthis afternoon stating that either Oklahoma transfer Drew Allen "OR" last year's backup sophomore Terrel Hunt would be starting against the Nittany Lions this Saturday. This came just hours after Bill O'Brien released his post-summer three-deep with Tyler Ferguson and Christian Hackenberg sharing the top line.

In the end, as I've discussed before, this may cause more headache for John Butler and the Penn State defensive staff as Allen and Hunt each have a unique skill-set with Allen being more of a pocket passer and Hunt having more elusiveness in his game. On the other hand, the Orange can probably expect the same offensive playbook from O'Brien no matter which quarterback is behind center.

Two other players from 'Cuse sharing the first line are running backs Jerome Smith and Prince-Tyson Gulley. Both are superb backs that Penn State was going to see a healthy dose of anyway, so their placement on the depth chart isn't all that important.

TNIAAM has more analysis if you're interested.

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