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Neiko Robinson No Longer With Football Team

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Justin K. Aller

Bill O'Brien announced at his first weekly press conference of the season that true freshman Neiko Robinson was no longer with the Penn State football team, making that two players from O'Brien's first recruiting class that will have never made it to their first football season.

"Neiko is a fantastic kid; it just didn't work out here at Penn State," O'Brien said. "He will end up somewhere, but he won't be at Penn State."

O'Brien reiterated that Robinson's issue was not disciplinary. Robinson had to stay in Florida until the beginning of summer camp to finish work on high school credits that didn't transfer like they were supposed to. There was no word on if the same issue was the one which led to his departure.

Robinson joins Zayd Issah as member of O'Brien's first full recruiting class to never don the Blue and White although Issah's transgressions seem to be much worse than the ones, or lack of ones, of Robinson.

Check back tonight or tomorrow for a full recap of Coach O'Brien's press conference.

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