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Only Da'Quan Davis Until Penn State Football

3 days away. Wait, what? How is that possible?!?!


Let me start this by saying that I am a big supporter of Da'Quan Davis.  I thought he played very well last year in limited opportunities.  He ended the season with 5 tackles and 3 passes defended.  This year, he again looks to take on a huge role as depth for the cornerback spot.  Reports out of camp, have all been positive for Da'Quan, as he has continually been praised for hitting like there is no tomorrow.

As a Seahawks fan, I can appreciate that.  I watch Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner eat wide receivers alive on a weekly basis, and Da'Quan Davis's physicality reminds me of them in some ways.  He's never afraid to get in on a tackle, and he's constantly throwing his body at the ball.  His small stature doesn't keep him from leaving it all out on the field.

He also gives a very nice pump up speech...


Shameless plugs for my videos are the best.  Even if we lost that game.  Look for my pump up video again this week, for the upcoming season.  But anyways, Da'Quan Davis.  Look for him to be one of the more important rotation pieces on the defense, and don't surprised if you see him leading a pre-game chant, or coming down with a game-changing play.

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