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Black Shoe Podcast - Syracuse vs. Penn State - Episode 1.3

Adam, Cari and Dan break down all the storylines heading into Saturday's match up, and give their predictions on who will head back home from New Jersey with a win.


It's finally Game Week on the Black Shoe Podcast, as we're just three days away from the return of college football for the 2013 season!

In BSP episode three, Cari Greene and Dan Vecellio join me on Blog Talk Radio to discuss all of the storylines leading into Saturday's week one matchup against the Syracuse Orange. Some fun things to take note of:

  • Breaking down the QB Competitions - Fergasan versus Macklenberg on the Blue/White side, and Terrel Hunt versus Drew Allen on the Orange side.

  • What will our defense look like against talented running backs Jerome Smith and Prince-Tyson Gulley? Will a dual threat QB give the Nittany Lions trouble?

  • How effective will our NASCAR offense be with a young quarterback? What can we expect our offense to look like against the Orange?

  • Betting is now open on how many minutes into the podcast Cari's first swear will be on next week's show. Please leave your answer in the comments. Winner gets . . . something completely undecided. Maybe pride.

  • Dan, Cari and I make our "official" predictions for who makes it out of New Jersey with a win. (subject to change)

  • Buy WE ARE! 2013 for impressive content from all three of us (including a remarkably well written and informative preview of the Syracuse game), plus a host of exceptional writers!

  • Cari and I will both be at the game, so feel free to tweet at us (@NotCarlotta and @AdamCollyer). Another Collyer (the more talented one) will be covering the game for BSD from the field level, where he'll be taking some fantastic photos. You can follow him on Twitter (@EdwardCollyer), and make sure to check out his other work.

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Thanks to for providing the introductory music for the show, which, as I suggested on the podcast, sounds remarkably like the theme song from Saved by the Bell: The College Years

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