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Only Jake Kiley Until Penn State Football

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Jared Slanina

While I was in college, I received a Derrick Williams #2 jersey as a Christmas present from my parents. It's a bit oversized and the fabric is fairly heavy, so I usually don't bust it out until conference play has begun and there's a slight chill in the air. If fall has a feeling, it's putting on that jersey for the first time of the football season. And I always feel a sense of sadness when I take it off following Penn State's final game of the season, knowing it will hang idly in my closet for the next several months.

That jersey served me well during Williams' four years in the white and blue. It then became a Chaz Powell jersey for the next several years, and I wore it proudly to represent one of my favorite Nittany Lions who unselfishly moved back and forth from offense to defense, and basically did anything he could to help Penn State on the field. Now it's up to Jake Kiley to make sure it's not obvious I'm still using my recycled Derrick Williams jersey. Like his predecessor at #2, Kiley was recently shifted from the secondary to wide receiver. He will likely be redshirted this season because of the depth at the receiver position, but Kiley appears to have a bright future ahead of him both on and off the field.

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