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The Official BSD 2013 College Pick 'Em Pool

We're not sponsored this year, but there's still a grand prize.

Ethan Miller

Only in America!*

*Open to those outside of America too.

Are you currently job searching and need an accomplishment to really punch up that resume? Maybe you're unable to resist the neon claws of Gamblor, but don't have the finances. Or do you feel a need to proclaim superiority over other people you know anonymously on the internet? Now, you can do all that and win a sweet, short sleeved t-shirt from the BSD Store.

Head over to Fun Office Pools today and click the Join Pool button next to the Black Shoe Diaries logo in the "Join Our Partner Games" section on the homepage to enter the "Black Shoe Diaries 2013 College Football Pick 'Em Pool" or find it directly here.

It's free! Please, there's a limit of one entry per person. The first games are set to start this Thursday* and will run through to the BCS Championship Game.

*ed note: that's today, as I moved this post around. Sorry guys, you only have about 12 hours to put it up.

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