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Success with Hyperlinking Can't Wait till Saturday

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Three days till kickoff. Am I supposed to be able to focus on school and work? No? Okay, good.

  • During training camp, Coach O’Brien gave the team a Penn State football history lesson by way of a Beaver Stadium tour. At the end of the tour he showed the team a video, and just like the description says, it’s awesome. And who doesn’t love to watch Tamba Hali sack Troy Smith?
  • This week Michael Mauti spoke out about the things he said in John Bacon’s book, Fourth and Long. Basically, he has nothing but respect for Joe Paterno, but talking with Bacon was therapeutic, the timing was right, and he felt the need to speak out honestly. He stands by what he said about Jay.
  • Todd Blackledge’s "Taste of the Town" book is set to be released Sept. 3. In this Q&A Blackledge talks grilled stickies, trusting offensive linemen’s restaurant suggestions, and favorite Creamery flavors.
  • In teen clothing news, American Eagle Outfitters found their niche audience: the combined Penn State/Pitt fan. Who even knew this existed? American Eagle, that’s who.
  • If you just can’t get enough of Penn State football (aka, all of you readers), The Penn State Football Show debuts today. Thirty-nine radio stations in five states will carry the show, and it will be carried live on
  • Bill touched on this on Tuesday, but Spice Adams has a lot of free time since he retired from the NFL at a White Castle. If you’re a YouTube-er, or if you just like funny things, subscribe to his YouTube channel. My personal favorite video is his parody of Jay-Z’s "Tom Ford."
  • For the first time in five years, men’s basketball will open the Big Ten season at home. Coach Pat Chambers has tentatively nicknamed the B1G opener "NYE at the BJC," via Twitter.
  • I’ll leave you with my favorite Penn State pump-up video of all time. I’ll be refreshing it 100 times a day until Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

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