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Only Curt Warner Until Penn State Football

One of PSU's all-time greats is next on our list.

What can we say about Curt Warner that you guys won't already know? All time leading PSU runner until Evan Royster passed him, check. Out performed Heisman trophy winner Herschel Walker to nab Joe Paterno his first recognized National Championship, check. Pro bowl running back with the Seahawks whose son, Jonathan, became a member of the PSU squad last year, check and check.

Warner was, of course, a standout, and one of PSU's most beloved running backs. He was inducted into the college football Hall of Fame in 2009, and still owns the record for the most career 100-yard rushing games.

But, more than that, he's a standup guy, recently delivering a heartfelt speech at the National Autism Conference in State College, talking about his twin sons, who are on the autism spectrum. We shouldn't be surprised at all the impressive men who've played for the blue and white over the years...yet somehow, I get continually impressed. Thanks, Curt.

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