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Success With Hyperlinking Is So Sick Of Summer

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Harry Engels

Fall can come anytime now. This Pennsylvania boy wasn't made for west Texas summers. Plus, the Yankees are awful and no one wants to buy any more meat to smoke/barbecue. Football and the rest of autumn activities are being greatly anticipated. Even the Bills might not make me cry this year!

#StaySasa Is Officially Over - Everyone's favorite big man Sasa Borovnjak is heading to Greece to start his professional career as he was signed by Ikaros Kallitheas in a story that was published on Sunday. Sasa really came on during the second half of last year's season and there was hope that he would return to Penn State for his final year of eligibility even though he and Coach Chambers talked about him leaving and returning home after the 2012-13 season before the season even started. Nonetheless, we wish him the best in his professional debut and hope Greece enjoys his "excellent passing skills, strong face-up game and excellent basketball IQ".

UM Offers Wangler - This weekend, Michigan offered Penn State linebacker commit Jared Wangler a scholarship as was to be expected since he has shot up recruiting boards and picked up an invitation to the Under Armour All-American Game. It also helps when you're a legacy as his father John was a Wolverine quarterback and his brother is now a walk-on with the team. More here from MGoBlog.

This will probably be one that gets away, Penn State fans. Wangler is from The Mitten and has all the connections to the school. Good luck with whatever decision you make, Jared.

Trial Update - After a judge ruled that all charges against Tim Curley, Gary Schultz and Graham Spanier would be held over for court after last week's preliminary hearings, all three men pleaded not guilty to all charges yesterday. A trial isn't expected to start until 2014 so you have lots of time to build an Internet-less panic room or stock up on cheap liquor in advance.

Walk-On Life - Oregon's SBN blog Addicted To Quack ran a great feature on the life of a college football walk-on player (the term "run-on" still hasn't taken hold on the West Coast yet, apparently) last week. School and football and homework and a personal life AND working to pay for college all at the same time? Not envious of these guys one bit, but it shows what hard work and determination can do for you.

FOOTBALL IS HERE!!!! - A recap of Day 1 from GoPSU and accompanying video below:

Meaningless Rankings Are Meaningless - New Princeton Review rankings are out and Penn State places ninth among party schools in the nation. They join three other Big Ten schools in the top-10 with Wisconsin coming in at #8, Illinois at #3 (gotta drink the Beckman away somehow) and Iowa taking home the crown in the 2014 rankings. There's no real formula to come up with these rankings and the BHGP bros aren't supposed to have their drunken stumblings around campus counted towards the rankings. Whatever. Just stay safe, y'all.

Scores In Other Games: Stank is heading back to Patriots camp.... Ohio State is donating their part of Penn State's forfeited bowl revenue to charity... SB Nation's Bill Connelly has an awesome book now available for purchase... GRAMMAR SLAM!.... AP writers have Penn State finishing third in the Leaders.... The Blue Band is going to play at The Ralph this year (Go Bills!)... Grab your tissues... Long snapper tricks!... The Football Letter is now online... GO GET WE ARE! 2013 HERE OR HERE!!

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