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BSD Mailbag 8.9.13

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You've got questions, BSD has answers.


Which game on the 2013 schedule do you think has the greatest potential for Penn State to be upset? How about to pull the upset? PSU_Buch
Indiana is a team that scares me just like Ohio University did during the past offseason. Like OU, it's easy to think of the Hoosiers as an automatic 'W'. However, Indiana returns 21 starters from a team with a very explosive offense. Tre Roberson returns after missing most of 2012 after suffering a broken leg to make the Hoosiers offense even more dangerous. Plus the law of averages states that Penn State has to lose to Indiana eventually, right?

Who knows what the odds will look like by the time November rolls around, but I like Penn State's chances against Nebraska if the team can remain relatively healthy late into the season. Nebraska had the ball bounce its way the last two years in very tight contests that could have easily went either way. The Nittany Lions match up well against the 'Huskers, but will need to limit turnovers and do a better job of stopping running back Ameer Abdullah who should be primed for a huge season. Oh yeah, and if the refs could figure out the basic rules of football, that would great too.

After the proposed use of Amos at LB, who else do you think could play multiple positions (as in, not DE and DT)? blackjackfishtaco
The obvious answer is Trevor Williams, since he is listed as a starter at cornerback but proved to be a quality receiver last year as a true freshman. Going back to Amos, in addition to cornerback, safety, and now possibly even linebacker, I would love to see him get some snaps on the offensive side of the ball. He's proven to have outstanding speed and vision as a returner, and I would love to see what he could do in the open field.

What projected starter going out for the rest of the season do you think would have the least negative impact? Former_DC_Buck
Great question, even though I hate to think about any players missing time, especially with depth being such an issue. At one point I would have picked a defensive end or a tight end, but that was before the loss of Brad Bars and Brent Wilkerson. I'll say Brandon Moseby-Felder, although I may need my head checked after he displayed big-time ability at times last season. However, there are many quality receivers sitting behind BMF who can have a major impact if given the opportunity.

Who wins this fight- Bill vs. Jersey Nick vs. Chad? Bill
I'll say Bill, since I believe he has the size advantage. However, let's make this the entertainment for the We Are! 2013 tailgate and see how things unfold.

For forum troll purposes, can we switch from the bunny to the esquilax this season? WorldBFat
Sorry Chief, but they're both the same thing.

Better Howie Long movie: Broken Arrow or Firestorm? WorldBFat
I'll say Broken Arrow for the simple fact I've watched it and have never even heard of Firestorm. I remember kind of liking Broken Arrow, although I was in the 7th grade and probably did not have what you would call a "refined" taste in the cinema at that point.

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