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GoPSUSports Shop Allows You To Cherish "23-17" Forever

People will actually buy these things!

GoPSUSports Shop

Want to remember a downright ugly game in a half-full NFL stadium for the rest of your life? Well, you're in luck because's shop has just the thing for you!


That's right! For just $18, which could buy you a case of Yuengling to drink while you watch replays of yesterday's game OR next weekend's matchup with Eastern Michigan, you can show off your pride for Christian Hackenberg's first victory of his college career or look back and wonder what Allen Robinson really did to get himself suspended for the first half of this less-than-momentous victory.

I guess this is how we're paying off the $60 million fine?

Forgive me for being facetious. I guess I'm just waiting for the day that I can finally buy my commemorative "6-4" hoodie to keep warm during those October night games.

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