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BSD Mailbag 9.10.13

You've got questions, BSD has answers.


After 2 weeks of the "targeting rule" being implemented, is it having any real effect on player safety, is it anywhere near as big of a deal as people thought it would be, and does it seem justifiable given the cost-benefit ratio? I surely thought Amos would draw one of these penalties by now because he’s undeniably an aggressive player even if he generally seems to use decent technique. Does the fact that he hasn’t dramatically change the over/under on how long it’s going to take? BNittsDeMilo
I really thought blown calls for targeting would be the top storyline for the 2013 college football season. Thankfully, it's really been a non-issue during the first two weeks. No Penn Stater has been called for targeting, and I'm not sure I've seen it called in the many, many hours I've already spent watching college football. The closest I saw was SOA's sack against Syracuse- the ref reached for his flag but decided against a penalty for what was a clean hit.

I fully expected Amos to miss some time thanks to blown targeting calls, but now I feel comfortable it won't happen...which is probably setting me up to be outraged later in the season.

What will it take for ARob to become a legit Heisman contender? Success With Honor Always
Unfortunately he has two things working against him from the start- he's not a quarterback or running back, and he plays on a team that will not be in the national title race. He's certainly talented enough to be considered, but will have to have off-the-walls performances against Ohio State, Michigan and any other team who remain in the national spotlight by the time they face Penn State.

Do you think our versatility will have an effect on recruiting? I believe BOB calls it "complementary football." It seems like some recruits pick a school based on the position they will play. Even SOA didn’t seem thrilled to be switching positions (although now he’s very, very happy..cue gifs). GreenEggsAndSpam
Yes and no. O'Brien will continue to target versatile athletes, but nearly every high school player good enough to be recruited by the B10 already is familiar with multiple positions and playing both ways. BO'B will certainly be interested in how flexible they are, and I'm certain he asks this to every recruit he corresponds with. If they're willing to line up anywhere to help the team, sign them up. If they have their heart set on one position, BO'B will probably move on to other prospects unless it's someone near the top of his class.

What are the chances that Hack breaks his own Freshman passing record (yards in a game) within the next three weeks? spigmana
I think it's highly probable for two reasons- Hack will continue to develop as the season progresses and he becomes more experienced. Also, the offense will open up more once he becomes more seasoned as a big-time college quarterback. I'm not expecting a 300-yard game on Saturday, but wouldn't be shocked if he breaks his own record against Kent State or Indiana.

Are any other BSDers going to be at the PSU vs UCF game? Anywhere I should take my dad to get the full gameday experience? Bleed Blue PSU
It's a night game, so arrive early in the day if possible. Take a walk around campus, downtown and Beaver Stadium to soak up the atmosphere. Welcome the team when they pull up in the blue buses. Find your seats at least 30 minutes prior to kickoff for all the pre-game hype. Make friends with the fans sitting around you. BE LOUD.

I left out quite a bit, so offer Bleed Blue PSU your thoughts in the comments.

Two games into the season- Any revisions to preseason predictions? Or has everything gone pretty much as expected? bal5169

I predicted 9-3, and I don't see any reason to switch after what I've seen thus far.

Who do think will be captains this week? And why would you choose them? Paige2PSU
Captains so far have been John Urschel and Glenn Carson against Syracuse, and Pat Zerbe, Ty Howle and Malcolm Willis against Eastern Michigan. For this week I'll say Adrian Amos and Garry Gilliam. Both men have experience, lead by example and handle themselves well off the field. Gilliam would be a strong candidate for full-time captain if Penn State had a more traditional set-up. He switched positions when asked, worked like crazy to bulk up and is now a valuable starter on the offensive line. On top of that, he's one of the smartest athletes in the Big Ten and one of the most well-liked guys on the team.

Do you feel better or worse about the CFU game after the EMU game? gestaltshift
I feel much better. The Eastern Michigan game was a coach's dream. Overall it was a very solid performance, but there were just enough causes for concern to keep the team motivated and finding ways to improve. Penn State will face much better front sevens this season, but the running game looked leaps and bounds better than in week one. Akeel Lynch proved to have loads of potential, while Bill Belton finally looked like a back capable using his vision to complement his tremendous speed. Belton will be the player I'm most excited to watch on Saturday to see if his outstanding performance will continue against more difficult competition.

Also, the defense pitched a shutout without one of their top players. What's not to love about that?

Any word on Hull? gestaltshift
I'm guessing he was held out on Saturday as a precaution as the team likely wouldn't need him. He should be out there on the first defensive snap against the Golden Knights.

IF you could make one of the following three men “coach for life” at the accompanying parenthetical institution, who would it be and why?

a) Rich Rodriguez (Michigan)
b) Charlie Weis (Notre Dame)
c) Lane Kiffin (crappy USC)

I will begrudgingly say Rodriguez, only because it would be to Penn State's advantage. As a B10 fan, I enjoy college football much better when Michigan is strong. Plus, I wouldn't have to listen to Buckeye fans run their mouths that "Michigan isn't really a rivalry anymore because it's so one-sided," right after they take part in a "We don't give a damn about the whole state of Michigan" cheer in the middle of an Ohio State-Oberlin exhibition basketball game. My first instinct is Charlie Weis, because it was so much fun to hate Notre Dame during that era. But since it's Notre Dame, I would be forever stuck watching clips of his press conferences every time I dared turn on ESPN.

When a chick who has no connection to Penn State tells you she thinks Paterno got a raw deal after you tell her you went to Penn State, she is DEFINITELY trying to get in your pants (metaphorically), right? WorldBFat
I would like to say you're correct and make your day, but I've had the same unsolicited reaction from several grown men during the past two years when they see me in a Penn State shirt at the bank or grocery store. Although maybe I misunderstood the intentions of those friendly, middle-aged men??

Which one would you watch if they were on at the same time- A Penn State Football Game or the Breaking Bad Series Finale? Spigmana
Breaking Bad
is my favorite show currently running- and approaching favorite show of all-time territory- but I would watch Penn State-EMU, Penn State-YSU, Penn State-Wyoming School of Typing over anything else. There's always DVR for everything non-sports related that you don't necessarily need to watch live.

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