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Success With Hyperlinking Wonders, "What the Fox Say?"

Here are some links to some stories. Happy Tuesday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure you've all seen this by now, but on the off-chance you haven't, here's the song of the summer.

  • Dear Mack Brown: I know you don't think things can get worse--after allowing 550 yards rushing to BYU, but if there's a chance that they could, it's because you fired Manny Diaz and brought in Greg Robinson. Trying to fix a terrible defense by hiring GERG is like going on a diet and hiring Paula Deen to be your personal chef. Also, in this metaphor, you're black.
  • I'm Coming Home Again: As it turns out, John Amaechi does think of Penn State every now and then, as our own Bill DiFilippo found out while writing for some two-bit trash blog called Onward State, where he snagged an (exclusive?) interview with the upcoming Grand Marshall. The first openly gay ex-NBA player is a thoughtful dude, and an excellent choice to represent everything this university holds dear.
  • BREAKING: Von Walker Will Not Win a Heisman: You'd think, after guiding Matt McGloin to an NFL roster, Bill O'Brien wouldn't be so dismissive of his walk-ons. But even though he doesn't see an award in his future, Bill O'Brien has been very excited with what he's seen from Von Walker, the true freshman who's been returning kicks and punts for Penn State.
  • Multiply Aggressive Lives!: Remember last year, when the defense struggled to start the season thanks to a new defensive coordinator installing a new system? Wonder why it's been so good (fine, fine, against Syracuse and Eastern Michigan) despite more transition? Turns out the handoff from Ted Roof to John Butler has been a smooth one, with the two running the same schemes. And apparently, Butler deserves some credit for DaQuan Jones' stunning breakthrough, too.
  • USC is Not Happy: Struggle to put away Hawai'i? Get beat at home by Wazzou and score only 7 points against a Mike freaking Leach defense? Looks like USC fans have had enough. At the end of that Washington State game, chants of Fire Kiffin broke out through the LA Coliseum, but it was outside the stadium where the frustration took on a more creative flair. Wonder how Snoop Dogg, RB, is doing? He hasn't played a snapyet for the Trojans thanks to a lingering knee injury.