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Success with Hyperlinking is Standing in Line


Phil Walter

Hockey Fever The decision to bring collegiate hockey to Penn State was long overdue, as students waited in long lines to purchase tickets for the "Roar Zone" this season. It will be interesting to see just how fast Penn State can build a legitimate hockey program.

KIFFIN DON'T KNOW Things are going downhill fast at USC after a week two loss to former PAC-12 cellar-dweller Washington State (which follows a 7-6 season in which the Trojans started ranked number one nationally). Head coach Lane Kiffin denied a players-only meeting occurred the day after the loss, but was later corrected by star wide receiver Marqis Lee. Lee commented "Kiffin don't know," about the meeting. That quote can be applied to many other things about Kiffin- who the Trojans starting quarterback should be, his job security and how he keeps getting head coaching jobs in the first place.

Chip Kelly is Not Impressed The Philadelphia Eagles offense ran 759 plays in the first quarter on their way to a week one victory over the Washington Redskins. However, former Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly feels the offense is moving much too slow for his liking.

T. Boone Angry Like seemingly anyone else associated with the Oklahoma State Football program, T. Boone Pickens has harsh words about the Sports Illustrated expose on the alleged longtime illegal activities surrounding the team. Many former players and coaches have joined Pickens to question the veracity of the series of articles. The mothership is doing an excellent job covering the scandal.

Big Maple The Collegian has an excellent piece on Akeel "Big Maple" Lynch's upbringing that will make you want to root for the redshirt freshman running back even more.

Perspective While many Americans took time to reflect and honor the lives lost and the sacrifices made my many on 9/11, many others seem to be in need of some much-needed perspective. Peter King took the day to note that Robert Griffin III was 12 years younger when 9/11 occurred 12 years ago. The Los Angeles Lakers believe the thing that should never be forgotten is Kobe Bryant. Alabama Football encouraged fans to change their Facebook avatars to an image of Bear Bryant's hat. The Mariott honored the victims of 9/11 by giving away free coffee and mini-muffins for 30 minutes. No, seriously.

Movin' On Up Despite having a culture that focuses solely on football, Penn State still managed to be ranked as the 37th-best university in the U.S., and 8th among public schools.

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