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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Central Florida

Let's go under the lights.

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bscaff: Beaver Stadium at night is worth more than 3 points to the spread. I'll take them, though, because UCF brings weapons on offense. They're also a well coached, disciplined team that won't beat themselves (0 turnovers, and just 6 total penalties thru 2 games). This should be a really exciting game.

Penn State 27-24

Prop Bet (prediction): If Nick P starts at 6am, we're writing obscenities on him in permanent marker by noon.

Chad: The run game got it going against EMU and that'll continue against UCF despite the considerable step-up their defense represents. Akeel Lynch will lead the way and begin to get the bulk of the carries from this game on out. Hack settles in after a shaky start and racks up 200 yds and 3 TDs. DaQuan Jones continues to dominate with 2 TFLs and, what the hell, an interception, Tamba Hali-style.

Penn State 31-20

Jersey Nick: After seeing Hackenberg figure out in the 2nd half this past week, I think he'll come out much stronger to start this time around. He has a game in Beaver Stadium under his belt now, so he should be rid of a few of those jitters (Although this will be his first night game, plus a whiteout, so what do I know?). I think Belton and Lynch both get more carries than Zwinak, but Zwinak picks up some huge first downs on short yardage plays. A-Rob and Jesse James each catch touchdowns, while the team runs for 280 yards as a whole. Deion picks up his first sack, DaQuan Jones helps to continue to stifle any attempt at an opposing running game, and Adrian Amos makes his "welcome to the season" play, with a ridiculously acrobatic interception. The game will be tied at 17 at the half, until we bust out in the 2nd half for the win. And Ficken keeps Fickening. Finally, as far as myself, I will crack my first beer at 6:00AM, and continue drinking until game time (6 to 6, ya'll). Go State.

Penn State 34-17

Bill: Blake Bortles is really good, and I think he throws the ball well enough against PSU's inexperienced corners (Trevor Williams and Jordan Lucas) to keep this game interesting if he has time to throw...which I don't think he will. I think Penn State's d-line, specifically Deion Barnes (who has yet to really impose his will this year), makes Bortles' life hell. I'm also very interested to see what happens to UCF if they get punched in the mouth, which hasn't happened to them this year. If Penn State jumps out to an early lead, I think UCF gets rattled, especially because Beaver Stadium is gonna be rocking. If UCF can stay composed, I think they can win.

Of course, the mot important prediction is what happens to Nick. Starting at about 12:30, I will be semi-responsible for him. I think he dies. No way around it. Just hit by the bus that takes the players to the stadium. He stumbles into the middle of the road and gets run over. Atta boy, Nick. See you at Tha Crossroads.

Penn State 31-24

From the podcast:

Adam: Penn State 24-21

Dan: Central Florida 24-21

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