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Post Game Link Dump

News from around the innernets.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Around the entire globe, men, women, and children trembled at the mighty awesome power of the UCF offense, and shivered in fear at the poor tackling and lack of play-making from the Penn State defense.

Zhuang-Xia, China - In this remote northern hamlet, Kang Zhu reports that villagers wept openly in the streets after UCF's 3rd quarter WR screen was taken to the barn, to put the Knights up 28-10.

Potter Mills, PA - Bob Flounders wonders, in light of this UCF loss which was more damaging than the Sandusky scandal, will Penn State ever be able to play football ever again?

Boalsburg, PA - David Jones asks the question which was on every PSU fans' mind: should Penn State leave the Big Ten for the smoldering remains of the Big East, now known as the American Athletic Conference? That's how gruesome Saturday night appeared.

Milesburg, PA - Greg Pickel, speaking with CB Jordan Lucas after the game, settles the hyperbole just a bit. Together, they point out that there may yet be a chance that PSU could play defense again, someday in the future.

Centre Hall, PA - Aubrey Snyder cleanly and concisely documents the 3 PSU commits in attenance for the mauling PSU received from UCF. The beating was so thorough that not one of the commits could speak after the game - shell shocked, and only able to read text messages from Urban Meyer.

Allentown, PA - the game did not escape the attention of the public, as far away as the Lehigh Valley. As Mark Wogenrich notes, a 'thin and frayed defense buckled'.

Dublin, Ireland - Dan Rooney, and Gaelic Athletic Association director Paraic Duffy wanted an NFL team for the Croke Park Classic. No dice. So they settled for the next best thing: Penn State. Duffy, who was in attendance Saturday night, exclaimed, "you'd be surprised by how well known Penn State is in Ireland. But if they can't play defense any better than this, they might as well stay home and hang themselves."

World Headquarters of World Wide Leader of World Sporting Coverage in the World, Connecticut - Josh Moyer writes that the PSU defense was disappointing.

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