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Success With Hyperlinking Is the Real Deal

All of the world's most important headlines, in one gorgeous post.

All 4 of UCF's fans in a single photo
All 4 of UCF's fans in a single photo
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Did You Know - Penn State's Athletics Integrity Officer, the NCAA-mandated position, is Ms. Julie Del Giorno. Julie was just inducted into the US Military Academy Athletic Hall of Fame this weekend, after earning four letters as part of the Black Knights of the Hudson's women's basketball squad. Setting aside the #culture blah blah for a minute - this is a pretty cool hire, and not just because I'm predisposed to love all things West Point. Julie sounds like she fits in perfectly at Dear Old State:

"It has just been wonderful working with some outstanding people," she said of her current position. "We have people who, like here at Army, want an institution grounded on academic and athletic principles of the highest order."

She speaks highly of her staff and colleagues at Penn State. There is almost a tone of reverence when head football coach Tom (sic) O'Brien was mentioned.

"He (O'Brien) has been outstanding," Del Giorno praised. "He is doing a great job with the football program and has told me 'Julie, our door is always open. Feel free to come to our staff meetings or team meetings.' He is the real deal."

Thanks For Chiming In, Gary - speaking of #culture, how about a nice lecture from Gary A. Olson, President of Daemen College, via The Huffington Post? Actually, make that an explanation/clarification. Why link such a steaming pile of crap? Because Gary drops the line, "resorted to ad hominem attack", which I, personally, can't get enough of on the innernets. You're about 10 - 14 months too late for that lecture, Gary. In the innernets age, the screaming mob already moved on to other outrages. Last week it was Okie State. This week it'll be something else. Get with the times, dude.

Slingin' Foosballs - For the second time in three weeks, Christian Hackenberg pulled down your Big Ten Freshman of the Week honors. Hack's completing 72% of his passes, for 852 yards. That projects to 3,400 yards, and the highest single season completion percentage in PSU history.

When Cheerleaders Attack! - so you thought the crowds at NFL stadiums were crazy on booze, huh? Then you better stay away when Carlisle and Swatara lock horns in midget football (aka, Pop Warner, Pee Wee, Youth..). Even the 13-year old cheerleaders get into it. And that causes Damien Jones to leave the stands and take out the State Policeman trying to break things up.

Stabby McStaberson - I'll admit that I originally only clicked on this link because I mistakenly thought the pianist's last name might be some sort of innernets gag. It isn't. But if you haven't taken the time to attend small room performances, you should give these two guys a look. Brass and piano can do some special things.

You Can't Have a Great School If You Don't Have a Great Library - and now, according to the Association of Research Libraries, Penn State places 8th in North America.

I Like This Trend - as a cranky old man who spends most of his afternoons yelling at kids to stay of his lawn, I was unaware of PSU "spirit-wear". But Penn State Bows, however new it might be, sounds like something I could get behind.

Marriage? NOOOOOOO! - but if you're trapped and forced down this path by the muzzle of a shotgun, then Onward State does a nice job letting you know the best and worst places to propose on campus.

Swingers Clubs - PSU Men's Golf enters the final day of the Wolverine Intercollegiate tourney in 4th place.

Uhhh, I Don't Know - Onward State has the unfashionable caveman covered with this handy piece of info from Anna Foley, whose opening line reads: "It's not hard to see that tribal prints are super trendy right now." I'm still wearing solid t-shirts and athletic shorts, because I'm an un-hip d-bag. And though I haven't noticed any tribal prints at the grocery store or gas station, that doesn't mean they aren't sweeping the nation. Because, I'm also quite possibly the least attentive male in the universe. Or so I've been told. But thanks for the heads up, Anna.

That's The Spirit - First, let's give a shout out to, a Gannett Company (that's USA Today, by the way). And let's also give a pat on the back to Dave Nichols, the 6th year head coach of Florida Gulf Coast's women's volleyball team. FGCU lost in straight sets to Penn State this past weekend, and Coach Dave pronounced: "We're the best 1-9 team in the nation." Attaboy, Dave.


Penn State men's ice hockey will have 10 - TEN! - 10 games broadcast on national TV this season. This is awesome information, because watching the hockey squad is awesome, and addictive. The hockey sweaters and helmets are freaking cool, and it's a ton of fun watching #'s 31 and 22 skate around the ice (or, in the case of #31, squat between the pipes). Seven games will be on BTN. Two more will appear on ESPNews, and a tenth will be broadcast on ESPNU. Woooooo! Freaking hockey, guys. Can't wait to see Pegula in action.

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