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BSD Mailbag 9.24.13

You've got questions, BSD has answers.

Jared Slanina

Why did Coach BOB call so many pass plays in the sloppy conditions? olddog78

The play-calling seemed odd at times on Saturday, and was especially frustrating considering the ground game was working so well. But O'Brien is no dummy. He knows that the team will inevitably depend on Hackenberg performing in harsh conditions. He did everything he could on Saturday to help prepare Hackenberg for this situation.

From UCF to Kent State, where does the defense stand going into the bye week? misdreavus79

Penn State has a good defense this year, but not one of the top-tier defenses we became accustomed to during the Tom Bradley era. The Lions D is still struggling to put consistent pressure on the quarterback, and there were several breakdowns in coverage that the Golden Flashes failed to capitalize on. I believe the pressure will improve from this point forward. The young defensive ends have had some experience under their belts, and more importantly, the staff has an extra week to work on personnel and blitz packages. The next game against the pass-happy Indiana Hoosiers will be a major indicator. Also, the biggest hindrance in the UCF game was Blake Bortles' ability to place the ball exactly where it needed to be. Fortunately for Penn State, I don't see another quarterback on the schedule who has the ability of Bortles.

The corner lob to Allen Robinson was not working. Why keep it going? kingkub

First off, major props to Kent State cornerback Darius Polk who covered Robinson much better than anyone we've seen this year. Indeed it wasn't working, but what makes Robinson so special is that he is one of the few receivers in the nation you can just throw it up to and trust he has the ability to make something good happen. Whenever the offense seems stuck, you better believe you'll see a few deep balls go in Robinson's direction.

Sam Ficken referred to Alex Butterworth as "Butters" during a post-game interview. Is the Butters nickname official now? TonyLion

Between Ficken's comments and the sign pictured above, I'd say "Butters" is now official.

Most people are fans of winning, not the team itself. Discuss. PSU_Lions_84

As a lifelong sports fan, I just don't get the others in my cohort. Sports fans have a sense of entitlment that astounds me- their team should never lose, and no credit may ever be given to the opponent, and anyone can just walk in and immediately win championships.

Putting on my amateur psychologist hat, I believe that many fans need to take ownership in a team's success to make up for their own personal shortcomings. I just can't believe that people allow their moods to be dictated by their favorite teams performance. If watching a game has such a negative impact on your life, why not just find a new hobby?

Is Breaking Bad best cable TV show ever? Obviously excluding premium channels like HBO, etc., but even then, I think it’s right up there with the Sopranos. 06Lion

I have yet to see Sunday's episode, but this final installment is likely to move Breaking Bad from "one of my favorite shows," to "my favorite show." I can't recall a season of television like this, where every episode just knocks your socks off, yet somehow raises the bar the next week. Definitely the best basic cable series ever, and it should be in the conversation for best drama regardless of network or medium.

How fucking awesome are the Browns? WorldBFat

I hate, hate, hate, HATE being a Browns fan. I used to be much more into the NFL as a kid, but after they cut their best player after a 5-3 start, and then announced a move to Baltimore less than a year later, I got into Penn State football and never looked back.

The Browns have to be the most dysfunctional franchise in all of sports. Every few years they decide to cut their losses and start from scratch. However, fans grow impatient when the new regime doesn't ride in on a white horse and automatically make the team a winner, so they are tossed aside after a couple of years in favor of new leadership, who then decide to start from scratch yet again. The franchise has a toxic culture that starts from the owner and goes down to fans sitting in the cheap seats that will not allow them to field a winner for a long, long time.

Derek Moye caught a TD pass against the Bengals Monday night. Considering that this years iteration of the Steelers looks like they might be good for no more than one TD a game, what’s the over/under on Moye TD receptions for the season? SubLime

First off, I'm ecstatic Moye found a home in the NFL. I always thought he could be a difference-maker at the next level, so it's great to see him making good on his opportunity in Pittsburgh.

From the little NFL I've watched the past three weeks, it seems that the Steelers offense took a major step back this season. I mean, the Browns have a better record than them at this point, so what does that tell you? I'll set the O/u at 3.5 for Moye TDs. He's a nice and tall red zone target and should get at least another two or three touchdown grabs, even on a poor offense.