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Success with Hyperlinking is Here for YouTube Sports

Some links to help with day two of your sanctions-reduction hangover.

Thanks Terry.
Thanks Terry.
Rick Stewart

This is Kige Ramsey dancing to "Gangman Style." Enjoy:

Hockey Valley sure is purtty: Ben Jones brings us inside the newly-opened Pegula Ice Arena with a video tour of the building. Thank You Terry has their own rundown, and between the two there is no detail spared. Can't wait for hockey season (at least until basketball season).

Quit it, knuckleheads: John Amaechi is reportedly receiving "hate messages" from alums in advance of his appearance as Homecoming Grand Marshal. Look, it doesn't matter what your feelings are regarding Mr. Amaechi and his stance on "it," there is absolutely no need to harass him or anyone who has a different perspective on the issue (as per usual, don't read the comments on this one).

Steven Spielberg tha based gawd:

Lightning round: Men's soccer traveled to Morgantown and came home with three points (not totally sure if that's the scoring system they use in college soccer).....From the mothership, Bill Connelly's Bucky-Buckeye preview.....Get on the Jon Bois bandwagon while it's still cool.....Maize N Brew has a cover of bscaff's Film Room album set to Devin Gardner.....The Qatar World Cup was a bad idea and FIFA knows it, but Sepp Blatter lives by the C.R.E.A.M. philosophy so none of this matters.....NBA Jam, and therefore your entire childhood/adolescence/early twenties, was a lie.

More from Black Shoe Diaries:

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