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Evening Games/Volleyball Open Thread

That's right...the #1 ranked Penn State Nittany Lions women's volleyball team is on the BTN live tonight!

Tom Lynn

I know what I'll be watching...and it won't be football (at first, at least).

Penn State women's volleyball gives us our fix for elite PSU sports this BYE week when they take on the #10 Michigan Wolverines (after their matchup against the #15 Michigan State Spartans last night) in their first weekend of conference play. Catch them live on BTN; I'll be in the comments with play-by-play.

For our unfortunate bros who don't have BTN (or for those of you who aren't into volleyball and/or don't like watching athletic women in short shorts), here's what's on the docket football-wise:

#23 Wisconsin at #4 Ohio State (8 pm; ABC)

#21 Ole Miss at #1 Alabama (6:30 pm; ESPN)

#10 Texas A&M at Arkansas (7 pm; ESPN2)

#20 Florida at Kentucky (7 pm; ESPNU)

#5 Stanford at Washington State (10 pm; ESPN)

Cal at #2 Oregon (10:30 pm; ESPN2)

#25 Fresno State at Hawaii (midnight; not airing)

Kent State at Western Michigan (7 pm; ESPN3)

USC at Arizona State (10:30 pm; ESPN2)

My rooting interests: PSU in straight sets, Johnny Football (because #karma), Stanford, more chaos in the SEC, Arizona State to destroy Lane Kiffin. I hope both Wisconsin and OSU come to play, that it isn't a blow out, but I don't really care who wins that one as long as it's a good game.

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