Silly Messageboards: Eastern Michigan Edition

Matt King

I've come to the conclusion that we should do this every week. So from now on, look for a weekly fan post filled with hilarious messageboards from our opponent for the week. So without further ado, let us read, and enjoy.

**EDIT: Can't believe I forgot to mention this before, but this was brought to my attention by @NittanyLines, so if you're not following him, you should probably go tweet positive things about Steven Bench, because you're a fool**

If you want to see a hilarious game prediction, click here!

If you want to hear hilarious elaborations on how they feel about our team, click here!

If you want to laugh for hours, click here!

Some takeaways from these wondrous works of literary fantasy...

  • In the first link, may I direct you towards the comment from Ken Barna (Note that he signed his name at the bottom of his post like a signature. It might be just be, but I think that's adorable).
  • In the second link, at the very bottom of the first page, the comment from NUPudge (Note that he/she/it thinks EMU can pull off the upset...but is scared of the Ball State game).
  • In the third link, we find out that apparently Bill O'Brien was hiding some of our playbook, in order to protect us from the wily Eastern Michigan coaching staff
  • We're terrible on offense
  • The only difference between Howard's offensive line and ours, is that we're slighlty faster
  • And everyone here seems to have a strange proclivity for referring to us as Pennsylvania State. Whatever floats your boat, EMU.

Enjoy in moderation people.

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