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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Eastern Michigan

Enter, MACrifice.

Jamie Sabau

Jersey Nick: Hack goes bonkers and throws for 4 touchdowns on 400 passing yards. A-Rob has one of his signature 3 touchdown games. Zwinak rushes for 150, Belton rushes for 100, Lynch rushes for 80. Fergie comes in and scores a garbage TD or 2. Trevor Williams picks up another interception (Called it last week, might as well push my luck), along with Amos. Sacks for Barnes, Wartman, Carson, Obeng, and Olaniyan. The stadium finally fills by the end of the 1st quarter, only to be depleted by the end of the 3rd thanks to the score. The tailgating will be a struggle, thanks to the 12:00 start, but we persevere. Oh, and Eastern Michigan gets a safety to go with a kickoff return for a touchdown to start the 2nd half.

Penn State 52-9

bscaff: I like Chris' energy and enthusiasm, but I'm going to pull back on the reins a bit. The last time Penn State scored 50 points in a game against a 1A school was September 13, 2008, vs. Syracuse. Saturday is one week shy of the five year anniversary. Given that Eastern Michigan runs the ball 60+% of the time, despite trailing in every game they play, ever - I don't think we'll have enough clock to break the 50 point barrier. I think BOB will want to work on his ground game, too, letting the seconds fly by. But everything else works well enough.

Penn State 38-10

Devon: Eastern Michigan isn't very good, but Penn State gets out of the gate a little bit slowly once again, and the game's close through most of the first half. But all of a sudden, the line starts to win all the battles, the NASCAR offense (which is really just consecutive Zwinak power runs over and over again) take over, EMU starts cheating, and Hack takes advantage. Penn State takes control heading into halftime and don't look back. Eastern Michigan moves the ball a bit better than we'd like, as Bronson Hill takes advantage of a weakened linebacking corps but Penn State stiffens up and forces turnovers before the Eagles can pound it in.

Penn State 34-13

Bill: I agree with Devon on basically everything he says (PSU's lines maul EMU's, NASCAR/running game open up the passing game and Hack shreds them), but I disagree with one major thing: I think Penn State comes out of the gate on fire, a la Navy in 2012. I think Zach Zwinak and/or Bill Belton shred Eastern Michigan early, which opens up things in the passing game and Hack gashes them. I expect either a 200 yard, 3 TD rushing performance from someone, or a 400 yard, 4 TD passing performance from Hackenberg. I also think we see backups by the five minute mark, and Nick ends up face down, ass up in a ditch after the game from FRAT BRO CELEBRATING SO HARD JEAH.

Penn State 49-10

From the podcast:

Dan: Penn State 52-10

Adam: Penn State 48-10

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