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Eastern Michigan MVP: DaQuan Jones

Or should it be Larry Johnson?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday in our BSD email thread (Which contains more remade Mulan lyrics than you would expect), we had a conversation that many of you have surely had before, the incredible consistency with which Larry Johnson pumps out elite defensive tackles. From the emergence of Devon Still after Jared Odrick, to the emergence of Jordan Hill after Still, to the explosion of DaQuan Jones this year without Hill, it has become clear that there are only a few universal truths in this world. Death, taxes, and dominant Penn State defensive tackles.

DaQuan Jones put on an absolute display this week. He finished with 9 total tackles (4 solo), 2 tackles for loss, and another sack. Not to mention that Eastern Michigan was held to 61 yards on 35 carries, for a grand total of 1.7 yards per carry. That was due largely in part to Jones consistently completely plugging up any holes the offensive line opened up. He was consistently bringing pressure, even when the rest of the line wasn't getting a ton of pass rush. In short, he was an absolute monster this weekend.

Yes, we are still in the non-conference portion of the schedule, and yes, the opposing offensive lines will be better once B1G play begins. However, right now it sure looks like DaQuan Jones is on his way to becoming a very high round draft pick, and that he's going to absolutely rip apart any offensive linemen in his way to do it. Here's to DaQuan keeping up the good work.

Other Nominees:

Christian Hackenberg: Anytime you break a record, it's noteworthy. Hack broke the Penn State record for passing yards by a freshman in a game (A record previously held by Zack Mills), by throwing for 311 yards. Had he not been so disappointing in the first half, he probably would have been my game MVP. However, he looked very average in the first half, overthrowing receivers, staring down receivers, and throwing a few balls late. Of course, this was his first game in Beaver Stadium, so I ain't even mad. Come back and earn this MVP next week, Hack.

Allen Robinson: Ho hum, another week, another 100+ yards and a touchdown for Allen Robinson. Not much can be said about him at this point. He's awesome. He's going to continue to be awesome. And we're all going to continue to expect him to be awesome. Never change A-Rob, never change.

Bill Belton: Granted, many of his yards came after Penn State had the game in hand, but Bill Belton flashed his true potential this game. He looked smooth in his cuts, found the extra burst when he needed it, and showed great patience in the passing game, and on draw plays. He also punched in the touchdown that began to help Penn State break away from the Eagles. Belton finally showing his true potential, could take this offense from awesome to legendary (Too bold? Nah).

**Honorable Mention: Sam Ficken.  Not only is he my favorite player on the team, but he just set a Penn State record for consecutive field goals made.  This is why I went out and bought his jersey the day after the Virginia game, people.  I felt it coming.  Believe in me.  I will show you the way.**

Go State.

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