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Friday Coaching Search Update and Open Thread

I mean, it has to end soon, right?

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Kevin C. Cox

Multiple outlets reported yesterday that James Franklin was a done deal to Penn State in all but name...but still no official word. Could that word come today?

It seems that there may be an emergency Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9 am, ostensibly to approve the new coach's contract. It seems likely that a press conference would commence after that, if not announced before. Would the school pull the trigger, and have the vote just be a formality? Rumors are that they are following the Freeh recommendations to an absolute T (in an effort to get the bowl ban reduced, naturally), so it could go either way...and we could have another day--plus--of not knowing anything official.

In the meantime, the Boo Birds are already out there. Renowned lover of all things Nittany Lion Christine Brennan has a lovely piece out on how James Franklin is completely wrong for the school (as with anything Brennan and PSU-related, read at your own peril), and over at CBS Sports, there's dueling opinion columns right on the front page--Gregg Doyel thinks that Franklin is the "perfect coach" for PSU (!!!), and his colleague Dennis Dodd says that the Lions should have been the one team to avoid him (the latter piece, of course, being filled with contradictory claims and broad strokes, but is what many of us feared would be publicized were this hire to happen).

Let's wrap this up for the weekend, shall we?