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Wrestling Preview: Penn State vs Purdue

Penn State hosts the Purdue Boilermakers


Get ready for a slaughter. On Sunday at 2pmET, #1 Penn State hosts the #46 Purdue Boilermakers at Rec Hall. Purdue's never been a great wrestling program, but this year's squad is actually a few notches below last year's. We'll preview the matchups (below), and then run the Open Thread right here. Audio and video are found on PSU All-Access. No BTN. No Ironhead on MERF, as far as I know.

Open question for the wrestling brothers on this thread - and no harm meant in this question, by the way:

why is Scott Hinkel the head coach at Purdue? Particularly when Mark Perry and Jeremy Hunter are at Illinois? Just curious on your thoughts.

But with that out of the way, let's get to the matchups:

125 LBS

#2 Nico vs. SR Cam Eppert

Eppert isn't as terrible as his (7-7) record suggests. He's a 2x NCAA qualifier, but he's been heading in the wrong direction. He placed 5th at Big Tens in 2012 (he lost to Nico 4-1 that year); he placed 6th at Big Tens in 2013 (he lost to Nico 5-1 that year); and now, with a .500 record. fresh off a loss to Michigan's Youtsey, Eppert might struggle to qualify for NCAAs as a senior.

Line: Nico minus 6


#9 Jimmy Gulibon vs. SR Cache Quiroga

Speaking of backwards - Quiroga was a freshman All-American at 125 lbs, way back in 2010. He hasn't really sniffed the podium since. But he's dangerous, and just knocked off Michigan's #20 Bruno on Friday, 6-5 TB. This will be a really great test for Jimmy, who is coming off an incredible runner-up finish at the Scuffle - has Jimmy turned the corner with his confidence?

Line: Jimmy minus 1

141 LBS

#2 zPain Retherford vs. SO Danny Sabatello

I think zPain opens up the neutral offense, and gives us Penn State's first bonus points.

Line: zPain minus 8

149 LBS

#9 Andrew Alton vs. JR Branden Nelson

Welcome back, Andrew (probably)! Branden Nelson is an NCAA qualifier, beat Pearsall at Big Tens last year, and he's the long, lean, funky type. But can he hold up against the duck-under-to-headlock?

No. When Andrew is healthy, he really is as good as they come.

Line: Andrew minus 4

157 LBS

#5 Dylan Alton vs. SR Kyle Mosier

Welcome back, Dylan (probably)! Dylan gets a much easier match up in his return to Rec Hall than Andrew.

Line: Dylan minus 8

165 LBS

#1 David Taylor vs. SO Chad Welch

Come on, man.

Line: Taylor minus 14

174 LBS

#3 Matt Brown vs. JR Patrick Kissel

The younger Kissel has to tangle with Hulk Hands. The crowd's already in full throat at this point, and things are about to go from ugly to worse.

Line: Hulk Hands minus 10

184 LBS

#2 Ed Ruth (ha) vs. FR Tanner Lynde

So Fresh, So Clean has to face another redshirt freshman - could this be trouble?

No. Not at all.

Line: So Fresh wins by fall.


#8 Morgan McIntosh vs. #16 SR Braden Atwood

While Morg was finishing 4th at the Scuffle, Atwood was finishing runner-up at Midlands. This is the kind of guy that Morg needs to beat if he's making All-American this year. Hopefully he gets his low single working.

Line: Morg minus 2

285 LBS

#12 Jimmy Lawson vs. SR Alex White

Jimmy had a great Scuffle, placing 3rd. Let's see him keep that going by wearing out the short, tubby White, and getting bonus in the 3rd period.

Line: Jimmy minus 8


Penn State is probably favored in every match, though both 133 and 197 should be close ones. But those are Purdue's only realistic chances for wins. The Lions could register a shutout.

Line: Penn State minus 39