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Wrestling: at Indiana, vs. Northwestern

Penn State wrestles a pair, one on the road, and then back home on Sunday.

Galen / BSD

So get this: Penn State's flight to Indiana was ruined yesterday, and they had to travel by bus instead. All the bleeping way to Bloomington, via bus, for a dual meet tonight at 7pm ET. What's the big deal about that, you ask? Well, they have to be back in State College for a second dual meet on Sunday, at 2pm ET, against Northwestern. Oh - and these guys go to school, by the way. In fact, the team's GPA for fall was 3.13 - among the best for all sports at PSU. Hulk Hands put up a perfect 4.0, while true frosh phenom Zpain turned in a 3.82 in Bidness, and Nico ho-hummed his way to a 3.61 in Finance. Borrrrrr-ingggg.

at Indiana

When: Friday 7pm ET

Video: only the absolutely horrendous PSU All-Access, which, despite being just $10/month, is still a terrific screw job.

125 LBS

#2 Nico vs. JR Joe Duca


Line: Nico minus 10

133 LBS

#15 Jimmy Gulibon vs. FR Chris Caton


Line: Jimmy minus 10

141 LBS

#2 Zpain vs. FR Kyle Springer

Welp, it's two freshma-hahaha, no.

Line: Zpain minus 12

149 LBS

#7 Andrew (OR Zach Beats) vs. SO Eric Roach

Both Andrew and Dylan are registered for the Shorty Hitchcock - so they may not even make the trip to Bloomington. Did anyone see them get on the bus?

Line: Andrew by fall; Beats by dec.

157 LBS - Match of the Meet #1

#4 Dylan (OR Jim Vollrath) vs. #5 JR Taylor Walsh

Walsh is a pinning machine, but hasn't faced the greatest competition to date. St. John worked him pretty good at Midlands.

Line: Dylan minus 5; Jim minus 1.5

165 LBS

#1 Magic Man vs. SR Ryan LeBlanc

Taylor continues his march toward the Penn State all-time pins record.

Line: magical

174 LBS

#3 Hulk Hands vs. FR Matt Irick


Line: Hulk minus 12

184 LBS

#2 So Fresh, So Clean vs. #18 JR Luke Sheridan

Hey! Another ranked IU wrestler. Well, how about that.

Line: Fresh minus 14

197 LBS

#7 Morg vs. SO Garret Goldman

Uh, no.

Line: Morg minus 8

285 LBS - Match of the Meet #2

#12 Law Dog vs. #8 SR Adam Chalfant

Here. We. Go. Chalfant knocked off Jimmy at Big Tens last year. But Jimmy has looked like a different man all year long. I think the Law Dog takes him.

Line: Pick 'Em

Overall at Indiana

Blowed out. Penn State minus 39. I think we shut out the Hoosiers.

vs. Nerdwestern

When: Sunday, 2pm ET

Video: PSU Half-Assed Access

125 LBS

#2 Nico vs. SO Garrison White

Another cake walk for Nico.

Line: Nico minus 12

133 LBS

#15 Jimmy vs. SO Dominic Malone

Malone lands at 133 after wrestling 125 last year. Malone isn't a stiff, but I like this matchup for Jimmy.

Line: Jimmy minus 5

141 LBS

#2 Zpain vs. JR Pat Greco

Zpain is too much.

Line: Zpain minus 6

149 LBS - Match of the Meet #1

#7 Andrew OR Beats vs. #4 Jason Tsirtsis

Man, I'm looking forward to this match no matter who Cael runs out onto the Resilite.

Line: Pick 'Em. Either of 'Em, vs. T-shirt.

157 LBS

#4 Dylan OR Rath of Voll vs. JR Dylan Marriott

I mean, you gotta like either of our guys here, right?

Line: Yes, minus 8

165 LBS

#1 (soon-to-be 2x Hodge Winner) David Taylor vs. #9 JR Pierce Harger

Fun fact - at least I think it might be - I believe Harger may have beaten Taylor in freestyle 5 years ago, one time.

Line: magical

174 LBS - Match of the Meet #2

#3 Hulk Hands vs. #9 JR LeeRoy Munster

Is there a less likely Northwestern name than Lee Roy? Please submit your proposals in the comments below.

Line: Hulk minus 6

184 LBS

#2 Ed vs. SO Jacob Berkowitz

Ed gets a relatively easy weekend.

Line: So much Fresh, and So darn Clean

197 LBS

#7 Morg vs. #17 JR Alex Polizzi

Here's a chance for Morg to separate himself, and show he'll be standing on the podium in March.

Line: Morg minus 5

285 LBS - Match of the Meet #3

#12 Law Dog vs. #4 Mike McMullen

Unlike Ed, Jimmy has a full weekend. Let's hope Friday's match with Chalfant, and 12 hours on a bus, don't ruin his Sunday afternoon. McMullen will shoot, and I think Jimmy could capitalize.

Line: Law Dog plus 2

Overall vs. Nerdwestern

Penn State's winning this dual. Everyone already knows that. But could the Lions actually finish the bus tour having shut out two Big Ten opponents? If everyone wrestles well, it's a possibility. And that is just plain nuts. Line: Penn State minus 26