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ThMQB: What Is Your #1 Criteria for Penn State's Next Football Coach?

It's a Monday Morning Question Back. On Thursday. So it's a Thursday Morning Question Back.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

There is a legitimate debate over what Penn State should do in regards to its next football coach. Not "Schiano or Not Schiano?" because that answer is clearly "Not Schiano," but whether or not ties to the school are more important than ability to coach. Here's the case for each:

Being a Penn Stater is the most important thing: After striking out with a guy who has no ties to Penn State, the school needs to hire someone with the knowledge and respect for the rich football tradition of the university. Maybe that means hiring a coach like Greg Schiano or Mike Munchak -- guys who aren't exactly dynamic personalities who have been wildly successful as coaches -- at the expense of someone else. Basically, this would be the safe route.

Who cares about ties to Penn State? Get a good coach: Sure, O'Brien didn't work out, but that shouldn't impact this coaching search. If the school really wants a guy who won't leave for the NFL, it shouldn't hire a guy who openly says "I want to coach in the NFL someday." The school's #1 option should get the best football coach that it can. Nothing else. If he happens to be a Penn State guy, then that's an added bonus, but it shouldn't be the #1 criteria. Or really, any of the main criteria.

With that in mind, what do you think needs to be the #1 criteria for Penn State's head football coach? Coaching ability? Innovativeness? Ties to Penn State? Recruiting ability? Handsomeness? Dedication to the program? That he's not Greg Schiano? Something else?