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MMQB: Which Penn Stater Would You Want Most on Your NFL Team?


Today's MMQB is very straight-forward: Out of all the Penn Staters currently playing on Sundays, which one would you most want to play for your favorite NFL team? This could be for any reason- because they play a position your team needs, you want to watch them on a weekly basis, you think they would look especially good in your team's colors....whatever the reason, share it with us below.

I'll start off with an unusual response- I would take none. This is only because I am a Browns fan, and I would feel too bad if they had to go through that kind of experience. It would likely include a losing streak spanning several months, a severe injury, a staph infection and an arrest from the Cleveland PD after that player inadvertently picked up a transgendered prostitute after thinking they were doing a good deed by giving someone a lift in the middle of a bone-chillingly cold blizzard. As much as I would love to see one of my all-time favorites like Tamba Hali or Paul Posluszny help finally lift the Browns out of their current slump, the risk of getting sucked up into the giant black cloud of a curse hovering the franchise is far too great.