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BSD Mailbag 1.24.14

You've got questions, BSD has answers.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

What is the best go-to show when nothing is on TV? garder54
I usually stick with DVRed shows and live sports, but if my brain is fried and in need of some mindless entertainment, I usually find a rerun of an old sitcom. Seinfeld, The Office and Friends are ALWAYS on, and recently I've caught 30 Rock, Modern Family and miraculously enough, Community. If sitcoms aren't your thing, the Science Channel always is airing something really interesting.

What would be a question to be asked of potential candidates in the interview process to join the PSU coaching staff? Dbridi
One thing I always wonder about with new coaches is if they're flexible enough to work around the current talent, or if they feel the need to implement their own system immediately. The latter is extremely frustrating, but can pay off big time eventually. Outside of football, I'd want to grill him about what he expects out of a Penn State player in the classroom and the community. Regardless of their on-field success, things would turn south very quickly for any coach who doesn't graduate players.

Assuming Hack and the rest of the offense still has O'Brien's playbook in their dorm rooms, does it make sense for the new OC to use this material and what these kids already know (on all accounts a solid offensive approach) in next year’s offense? It seems silly to be to come in and say, "Hey so forget everything you learned under a great offensive mind and learn my way." What is SOP in this situation? true_TRUE_freshman
James Franklin will run a similar offense to Bill O'Brien, so I'm certain he has already started studying film to see what works and what doesn't with his current group of players. No matter how similar the schemes are from one coaching staff to another, it's always a long process to get everyone comfortable with a different system. One big reason for this is that the terminology completely changes, which means the players basically need to learn a new language in the course of a few months. Imagine working in a restaurant and one day the word "spoon" changes to "octopus," "knife" becomes "typewriter," "salad" becomes "lampshade," and so on. Things would obviously be less efficient for a while. I'm sure this will lead to some frustrating moments this fall, and hopefully people will be patient with the new staff.

What are your thoughts on Crazy Bitch for the bridal procession? Success_With_Honor_Always
That may be the best argument out there for marriage equality.

Also, I love the guy in front of the camera. He's completely baffled by what is happening, and you can kind of tell he regrets showing up for the wedding at all.

Got a hoops question for ya. No wait. Never Mind. There are no answers. Tony Lion
No answers, indeed. I got to catch the last 1:30 or so of the Purdue game on Saturday and I don't think I've ever had a worse time watching a basketball game.

Curt Warner's son Jonathan committed back in 2012, and I saw a news article back in August that he is still on the team, but have never seen him listed on a depth chart. Is he expected to contribute in the future, or has he kind of faded? I was always a big fan of his father. mountaindog
He's still around. He redshirted in 2012 and played sparingly at receiver and special teams in 2013. As just a true sophomore, he still has plenty of time to work his way up the depth chart. He will have a great opportunity to get more snaps at receiver this season as all the starting and key reserve spots are pretty much up for grabs.

Would you watch a 24/7 (not the pay site) video feed of just James Franklin going through his normal day? How good of a ratings magnet would that be? skarocksi
Of course, that would be highly entertaining. The only downside is that you may become so energized that you run through one of your living room walls.

Why does the urge to pick your nose increase tenfold when you are driving in the car? vern05
Because you know it's not something you can't (or at least shouldn't) do out in the open. Things can get pretty boring after a prolonged trip in the car, so go ahead and provide some entertainment for the car next to you.