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Larry Johnson Teleconference Notes

Just a bulleted list of things LJSR had to say to the media during his 15-minute phone call today.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

  • Penn State interim head coach Larry Johnson began his Friday afternoon teleconference by confirming that he would indeed be applying to take over the job permanently. When asked why he would make a good candidate for the position, he said "Why not Larry Johnson?". Johnson commented that he's been around the program for 18 years and cares deeply about the current players and the program in general.
  • With that being said, Johnson let the media know that he would not be making a great big sales pitch publicly for the post. He said that he is what he is and will allow the search committee to take that into consideration along with his interview.
  • Also, he said that if he didn't get the job, he hasn't thought about whether he would stay or leave Penn State.
  • Johnson said that he has talked to quarterback Christian Hackenberg and confirmed that he will be back for spring classes later this month. The conversation was left at that.
  • Johnson has done a lot of communicating with current and hopeful future players over the past few days. He's been relaying the message that playing at Penn State is more than just playing for a football coach, but rather playing football at a high level and getting a great education at the institution.

That was the important stuff from LJSR's 15 minutes. Thoughts?